31 December 2013

[REVIEW] Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown & Grey

Happy New Years!!!
Hope all of you have been well & had a great Christmas!

I would have had this & another post up this week but ran into some difficulties. My SD Card was corrupted. I had all the pics I needed for the posts & then this happened. Everything was working just fine & when I put my SD Card into my comp, it said my card was corrupted... So I had to recover the card & everything was erased... *sigh*

Well... whatever, time for the review
Aren't they pretty?

25 December 2013

간단한 갸루 눈 화장 자습서 01 ☆ Simple Gyaru Eye Makeup 01

Merry Christmas!!!!!
And an early Happy New Years!

This is my first decent eye makeup tutorial since, I started this blog. I did one a long time ago, but it was when I used my phone camera, so it was really crappy quality.

I do this eyemake very often & with alot of people requesting it, I decided to finally take the time to make a small tutorial on it. I did this for a Christmas Party/Get-Together. I wore the red heart-punchout sweater w/leggings & heels.
The sweater is fairly long on me to my surprise. So it was a perfect dress. lol

Well, click on "읽기 계속" if you want to see how I do my eye makeup! 

23 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 04 FINAL [Pic Heavy]

Woot!!! Finally finished with the SF trip posts! lol.
This was the Saturday before JayR & I leave. I promised to meet up with some friends.
I was super excited. On this day, I didn't really take many pics. Very little in comparison to the 3 prior posts. There was so much to catch up on, as well, as well as say goodbye.

First off,

a selca of my makeup/part of what i wore that day. My hair was still wet. I was getting ready to do it, but decided to snap a photo before i forget.

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 03 [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone! Part 03 of my SF trip!
There's only 1 more part I promise, then I'll go back to my makeup/circle lenses reviews!
I found a program that can easily watermark all my pics in one batch so posts will be up fast now. LOL. I used to watermark them 1 at a time or in small batches, but the new program allows me to do it just in one big batch. Made life so much easier.

*upcoming review*
It will be on the Barbie Puffy 3 Tones lenses in Brown & Grey

16 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 02 [Pic Heavy]

PART 02 of the SF Trip!!!!
So on Thanksgiving day,
My friend Jayr & I decided to go out, enjoy as much as we can til everything closes. lol.

We wanted to go through China Town & then Fisherman's Wharf .
It was a pretty long walk... lol. We didn't really think it through but it was so much fun.

It was around 64 degrees F so it wasn't cold. The weather was perfect for the walk.

(click on images to enlarge)

09 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 01 [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone! Finally got to finishing the first part of my SF trip post.
For Thanksgiving break this year I went to San Francisco w/ a guy friend of mine. His birthday was in September, but he didn't really get to celebrate it, and my b-day will be in January, but we prolly won't see each other anymore, so this was the time to hang out together.Our families were away and/or had other priorities (work) so we decided to leave town for the weekend.

My makeup for the day. I had to wake up at 4am to get ready & check stuff, then go to the Amtrak station by 6am, so my makeup had to be very simple & fast, since the Amtrak is about an hour away.

(click on pics to enlarge)

08 December 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hello my lovely's!!!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day!!!

Sorry for such the late update, been very busy :(

The beautiful Elina of Cupcake Kisses had nominated me and a couple of other bloggers for this award.

The rules for this award is very simple.

This award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is a way for other bloggers and readers to connect with each other.

Before I go on with answering Elina's questions,

I won't be tagging anyone since all the blogs I follow have already been tagged and/or have more than 200 followers as is.

16 November 2013

Surprise Package from My Sister + Mini Rant

Hey loves! Long time no see??? lol. Hope you guys are well!
This is pretty much a quick update on what's been going on/what's coming up.
If you follow me on insta then you'd know, I've been waiting for a package from my older sister.

So excited since I usually always send her stuff... quite surprised that she sent me more stuff this time. Not complaining... just surprised. lol

(click on images to enlargen)

11 November 2013

[REVIEW] My Blog Design

I feel so bad!!! Ugh! I thought I had published this post already!
For some odd reason, some of my posts are not being published even though it says they are.

Alot of people have been asking me & complimenting my blog layout/theme. As you can see it changed a bit. Just a little bit. LOL. 

Sorry Apple, for posting this so late!

 The beautiful & talented Apple of CottonApple made this blog theme/layout for me.
As you can see it is pretty simple & it's actually easier to navigate. Everything is upfront.

03 November 2013

[REVIEW] Beuberry Cherry Pink

Happy late-Halloween!
And yay! November is here!!!!!! It's getting really cold now & I am so happy! I love sweater season!
I actually wanted to post this on Halloween day, but ended up running into some technical difficulties, but if any of you follow me on instagram then it's nothing new ^^
I've become more active on instagram since it's faster & easier than blogging, but no worries... I will keep on blogging.

26 October 2013

[REVIEW] Kryolan v. Studio Direct CEL Sealant

I finally got to finishing up this review post!!! My gosh!
IDK why I kept pushing it off rather than just finishing it! Sorry!!! But it's done now! LOL.

please click on images to enlargen

I used a soft silver, hot pink, and shimmery dark brown eyeshadow from the 180 color palette for this product review. 

*CEL = cake eye liner

[REVIEW] Barbie Sugar Candy Brown & Pink

Hey loves!!! 
Sorry I disappeared for like a month! I've been very busy.
I've had so many essays & projects being due + more that are going to be due...
Also there's been three funerals going on so, I've just been a bit overwhelmed lately.

Hope you guys are doing well! I don't have much other news to update on, just more lens reviews and some product reviews coming up.

So onto the REVIEW!

please click on images to enlargen

13 October 2013

[REVIEW] NYX Lip Butters

This review is sooooo sooooo late ~
Am so sorry... I just never got to it... I never really review lip products.


I only purchased these 4 colors, I'm thinking about purchasing some more, but idk.
I personally really like these colors and use them often.

08 October 2013

[REVIEW] Beuberry Kitten Eyes Brown & Blue

Sorry about not updating for a while... been busy.
It seems that there was an issue with my layout & all my professors decided to assign a bunch of projects & essays to be due the same week :( grrrrrr...

Well onto the REVIEW!!!

please click on images to enlargen

26 September 2013

- ℳy New ℋair -

Hey L♥ves!!! 
How are you doing???

Lately my hair has been kind of boring and BLEH...
so I decided I need to spice it up.

It's very oshare and different from what I usually do, but whatevs. LOL

The colors are teal/green & blue... I was actually going to do purple, but I thought blue would be fun. My bangs that are brown are also cut shorter to show the blue & teal underneath.

25 September 2013

Donatella's Tights Haul + Site Review

Hey loves!!! 
So this will be about a site called Donatella's. It is a site that sells plus size tights & thigh highs. Ordering is super fast & easy.

It is located in the UK and I must say that I am going to be a returning customer!!! I love their tights selection & pricing. 

It's so hard to find tights, especially ones like in the pic above. So glad I stumbled upon this site.

24 September 2013

Forever21 Mini-Haul ☸

So I got my package today!!! I also went & picked up the sweater I wanted from my friend at Forever21. So happy!!! Came super fast! 

Ordered: Sept 19th & 20th
Received: Sept 24th

The green package on the top is from Donatella's which I will talk about in another post.
I am like a kid when I get packages LOL... I just rip the darn thing apart.

23 September 2013

Mini-Haul + GreatGlam.com [REVIEW]

Hey loves! 
Just got some things in the mail today, as well as bought a couple of things on my window shopping trip... lol

First I got this top in the mail today. It is the Cross Sunnies Kitty Tee. It was originally $21.90, but it was on sale for $10.95. I thought it was just too cute to resist & ordered it. 
I ordered this top either the 19th or 20th and received it today (Sept 23rd).

I am a dog lover, but I have to say that the cats they put on clothing are just too cute!

This top is somewhat short, so I guess it's a crop top. Can't wait to wear this!!!

17 September 2013

[REVIEW] Barbie Romana Brown

Hello!!! 추석 잘 보내세요!!!!!

They look as if they will make your eyes really glisten-ey and deer like! lol

please click on images to enlargen

13 September 2013

[REVIEW] DollyEye Crystal i. Brown & Blue

Sorry for such late reviews! So much homework & projects for my classes! It's driving me nutz!!!!
Well onto the review!!!

please click on images to enlargen

04 September 2013

[REVIEW] Sleek i-Divine Palette Aqua Collection Limited Edition in Lagoon 845

Sorry for the late review!!! I've been without any internet access at home, so everything is a mess.
Not just my blogging, but stuff for school as well :( But I finally got it back!!!! Yay! 

29 August 2013

New Blog Layout & Circle Lenses Haul!

Hey loves! How are you liking the new blog layout???
It's so simple, yet cute! I think it really fits my personality. I will be making a post later on the details of this layout, as well as who made it.

Sorry for the late review posts! My Internet modem failed me last week and won't be fixed til later next week so everything is kinda going to be postponed, since i am using my iPad mini for this post.

But I'm happy to present to you a Haul! 

I was in Seoul for only a week for a funeral, but I went and picked up some circle lenses to bring home, before leaving to come back to Cali. Originally I bought 65 pairs but sold some, my sis/bros & friends also ordered, so I have only 24 pairs left for myself... 

18 August 2013

[REVIEW] Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm 578

I like the color selection & glitter eyeshadows in this palette, but
I had to apply the shadows a 4-5 times to get them this dark.

17 August 2013

Youtube Channel & FOTD & Haul

Hey loves! I recently moved my old youtube to this one.
Click on ----->리나하늘 김

Today's makeup

❦ WINNER of my GIVEAWAY is ...

Congratulations to:

I have emailed you & you have 48 hours to contact me back. I will choose a new winner, if you do not contact me back ^^

Thank you to those who have participated. I wish I could each get you something. I am thinking about a new giveaway soon, if you have suggestions, please comment below!

*A couple of entries were deleted, but those who commented on the giveaway post are safe. There were a couple of people who entered but did not follow the rules*

14 August 2013

New Haircut & Mini Haul ~◔◡◔~

Hey loves!
It hasn't been long since the last post & I haven't finished the review on the eyeliner sealant I had bought last time, but I bought some more stuff!
I also cut my hair!!! It's been about 2-3 months since I've cut/trimmed my hair, so I just... cut it. 

(I recently posted all these pics on instagram)

11 August 2013

☸ 2nd Deco Ipad Mini Case & Mini Haul! ☸

 Hey everyone! School is starting soon so I started to buy little things here & there. I also decided to make a new deco case for my ipad mini w/ leftover stuff I had from the last case I made.

What do you think??? It's wayyy cuter than the last one, right? ♡