09 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 01 [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone! Finally got to finishing the first part of my SF trip post.
For Thanksgiving break this year I went to San Francisco w/ a guy friend of mine. His birthday was in September, but he didn't really get to celebrate it, and my b-day will be in January, but we prolly won't see each other anymore, so this was the time to hang out together.Our families were away and/or had other priorities (work) so we decided to leave town for the weekend.

My makeup for the day. I had to wake up at 4am to get ready & check stuff, then go to the Amtrak station by 6am, so my makeup had to be very simple & fast, since the Amtrak is about an hour away.

(click on pics to enlarge)

It's a 4 hour ride to get to SF, so my friend & I just chatted and took pics of the scenery xD

 I really like scenes of old wreckage/worn down sites
Idk why. I think they are beautiful,especially the pic on the top left

I also love taking pictures of old/worn down factories!!! (bottom left) 

This is nothing compared to the amount of pics I originally had. It was such a nice & sunny day so the lighting was perfect & my camera rarely had any issues.

 These pics were taken after we arrived in SF and put our bags away in our hostel room.

 My first every full body pic. This was my OOTD.
I lost some weight, but of course I'm nowhere near where my goal is. But I'm working on it.
And because of the wind, my hair was a mess.. .I had to keep brushing it & stuff throughout the day.

Weather was way warmer than i thought it would be too, left me disappointed since I brought a bunch of sweaters/jackets :/

We went through the Forever21, H&M, and a bunch of other shops. Didn't really buy anything. Waiting for Friday. lol

We decided to go to Japantown since, my friend JayR, wanted to get some sushi & I wanted to take purikura. He never took them before so we were both pretty excited. We also went back & changed since the weather was warm to us.

A pic of us in the puri booth.. My BB cream was fading as it's been about 9-10hrs & I didn't do any touch ups. I must say I love the Maybelline Color Elixirs!!! They are so long lasting & moisturizing. My super dry lips were happy all day long wearing it. 

LOL @ our lil' puri session. We did 2 booths and then went to get some dinner.
I had 2 orders of tako sushi. My fav!!!
And also an order of gyoza, but let's just say, those disappeared. lol

The New People building. I wanted to go in, but it was already closed :(

On the way back to our hostel, we saw a bunch of classic cars in a showroom. OMG! Everything was so pretty & polished.

We also saw a sea mural on a building... It is just gorgeous!!!
The night lights were very pretty too!

When we were in Japantown , we stopped by the market to buy some food & Ichibankao for some small "necessities" to bring back home. lol.

Here are the puri's we took 

Well, that was it for the 1st day in SF.
There will be another 2-3 posts coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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