03 June 2015

εїз C20 Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum

Hey peeps! Back with a review on a serum. This item was kindly sent to me by Wishtrend.com through a sponsored giveaway they had for affiliates.

All opinions are of my honest thoughts on this product.

18 May 2015

εїз T-20 Choco Lenses

Hey loves!
Back with another circle lens review.

*All opinions are of my own. I am not paid to do this, so my opinions are not biased towards the company/business*

14 May 2015

εїз Circle Color Blue Lenses

Hey loves!
Is it just me or is everyone catching something lately? Almost everyone around me is sniffling and cooughing. Unfortunately, I caught it too. Had to leave from work early due to it. But it gave me a chance to actually rest and now I'm feeling so much better. Hopefully it only lasts 2-3 days since I have to go back to work soon!

Onto more important things,

KLenspop was very kind, as to send me 2 more pair of lenses to review for them. A pair of brown lenses and a pair of blue lenses. I'm going to review for you the blue lenses today since I reviewed a pair of brown ones the last post ^^

*All opinions are of my own. I am not paid to do this, so my opinions are not biased towards the company/business*

27 April 2015

εїз Lenspop Bunny Color Brown Lenses

Hey loves,
I'm back with a review on a pair of brown circle lenses that were kindly sent to me by Klenspop

*All opinions are of my honest thoughts *

I've been busy with my new job so please excuse me if I am not as active as I was & that I've been replying late to your guys' comments.

02 April 2015

εїз Lani Wear White Face Whitening Finisher

Hey peeps,
I'm back with a product review.

I've been using this product for 2 weeks now, so I'm gladly sharing this product with you.

¤ Wishtrend kindly sent this to me. All opinions are of my own. I am not being paid. ¤

18 March 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

Hey loves ♡
I received my influenster voxbox on Monday. So glad I received this package... I was actually going to purchase this mascara, but waited to see if I qualified for influenster.

Have any of you tried this mascara?
* Product was sent for testing purposes *

26 February 2015

Wishtrend.com - Korean Makeup & Skincare

Hey loves,

[Update] Long time no see. Hope all is well. Lots of family issues lately & I've been working a lot lately. Due to some wire issues at my home, my home Internet will be down for a bit. I will be trying out posting through my phone...  Hopefully, the posts do not come out all weird.

I'm back to introduce to you guys, Wishtrend. I'm sure many of you guys know what it is.

Wishtrend is an online shop that offers the latest in Korean skincare & makeup. They also have products for the body & hair.

They currently offer free shipping throughout the U.S. & are reasonably priced for shipping for elsewhere.

I have personally purchased from this site. Great customer service & many great products to choose from. Price & variety of products is geat. So many things to choose from. The only problem I've had with them is limiting the amount of stuff I purchase. Lol.

If you are into Korean skincare & makeup, make sure to check them out.
if you'very purchased from them, make sure to comment what you like about them below!

18 January 2015

Pups, Parvo, & Recovery ☁

Hey loves!

The 2 puppies that I brought home in September were tested positive for canine Parvovirus.
Before any goes off and accuses me of not caring for my dogs, they were vaccinated the day/day after I got them. So it's been 3 months since I've had them.

My older dog was fine, but it's most likely due to that she was older & had a well-built immune system. I've had many dogs, but never had to deal with any of the diseases/viruses before. This was a first. So many questions...
I've had them since September. Why now?

In the beginning of December, a bunch of stray cats have been running amok my backyard and all my neighbors' backyards. So we think that the cats may have been carriers of the virus. The cats are not affected by the virus, but due to they were going around everyone's yards ( we all have dogs in the neighborhood), the cats may have picked up the virus from infected dog feces. I've had dogs for years in/around my house. All of which were healthy, so there's no other explanation than this.

13 January 2015

Winner to the KawaiiBox Giveaway is...

Congratulations hun!
Please email me back within 48 hours, or we will have to chose a new winner.

Thank you for entering. Don't be sad, I will have more giveaways in the future.