31 December 2013

[REVIEW] Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown & Grey

Happy New Years!!!
Hope all of you have been well & had a great Christmas!

I would have had this & another post up this week but ran into some difficulties. My SD Card was corrupted. I had all the pics I needed for the posts & then this happened. Everything was working just fine & when I put my SD Card into my comp, it said my card was corrupted... So I had to recover the card & everything was erased... *sigh*

Well... whatever, time for the review
Aren't they pretty?

 Color: 5/5
I really both of the colors. I love how all the colors blend so well. They are vibrant, but not creepy. Noticeable, but natural in a way. It's a pair of lenses that my co-workers really like.

The grey ones are so pretty! I love how it has blue and 2 different shades of grey. I can say that these grey pairs are one of my favs!

Design: 4/5
The strokes of color are nicely blended. The lenses are opaque so they are vibrant.
The only thing I don't really like about these lenses are that the center does not blend with your pupil. I think these would have been better if it was less opaque.

Comfort: 4/5
Fairly comfy, I was able to wear them around 5-6 hours, but after that I started to feel them kind of start to dry out on me. Maybe because it's really cold & windy outside?

Enlargement: 5/5
As you can see in the pics, although they are 16.2 mm, because the outer ring is light & less vibrant, the enlargement is not that noticeably different. They look like they are barely 1mm bigger than the natural diameter of my eye.

They come is many beautiful shades & I think I might just purchase all the other colors that are available, especially the violet ones. I think that these are great lenses for everyday wear that go with any type of makeup. The colors will look great on anyone.

These are a fairly popular pair of lenses & can be found on any of the online circle lens shops.
If you want to purchase them, you can find them on sites like:

pinkyparadise (discount code on left sidebar)
uniqso (discount code on left sidebar)

These 3 are the more well known sites that I noticed alot of people purchase from.

So what do you think about these lenses?
What do you look forward for in the next post?

Thank you for stopping by!

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