11 August 2013

☸ 2nd Deco Ipad Mini Case & Mini Haul! ☸

 Hey everyone! School is starting soon so I started to buy little things here & there. I also decided to make a new deco case for my ipad mini w/ leftover stuff I had from the last case I made.

What do you think??? It's wayyy cuter than the last one, right? ♡

This case took 6 - 6.5 hours to make. Took a while since I had to cut out the hearts & then fill in little crevices in between the jewels.

I am really loving this case I made. So hard to say which one I like better though. The other one is a bit more simple, this one is a bit cluttered & has more color to it.

* I used faux fur fabric for the hearts *

Which one do you like more?

Onto the things I bought!!!
♡ Rilakkuma School Set ♡

 1. Case all the items come in.
I'll most likely use it for my makeup brushes :)
2. Mini memo pad, Ruler, Lead refills
3. Sticker & Tag
4. Rilakkuma head zipper ♡
5. Tin pencil case
6. pencils, mechanical pencil, pen

Everything is super cute! The theme is Rilakkuma meets honey.

Con: comes with NO erasers...
Cost: $10.99

Cake Eyeliner Sealant
I stumbled onto the website by chance & after looking thru their products decided to try the sealer out. There are alot of good comments about it on the site. There's also a waterproof one.

To get it go here ----> Ω

Can't wait to try it out! I will do a review on this soon!!!

Last part of this mini haul!
Black Canvas Women's Classics
$48 a pair. 
May sound expensive, but they are super comfortable & lasts a long time!!! I love them! They come in varieties of colors, textures, patterns, & style. So many to choose from.

And lastly!
Selcas of me. My niece turned 1 yesterday & it was a summer pool party. So I don't have pictures during the party cuz I was cooking/bbq-ing the whole time + playing w/ the kids!
So far, I haven't been tempted to go back blonde yet! xD
Let's see how long this will last. lol

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your decoden cases are always amazing! Have you ever thought about opening your own online shop (on Etsy or Bigcartel or Storeenvy or something)? They're the best! *__*

    Love the school haul as well, the Toms shoes look so cute hehe. Always wanted a pair!

    1. o(>////<)o thank you so much!!!!
      Yes I have, but i'm always so busy, so to make a bunch of these & sell them or even custom make them will take alot more time.

      Sucks working & going to skool full time.

      Thanks! You should! I think you'll love them!

  2. you made that? :o
    for God shake ! you are amazing :o
    and cute ! xD

    anyway, i follow you now, mind to follow me back? :3


  3. Great haul!! And OMG the case looks super cute, you are so talented and amazing <3


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