29 April 2014

۵ Mary Kay Voxbox from Influenster ۵

Hey loves!
So I received the Mary Kay voxbox yesterday & was so excited to play with it.
I have never used Mary Kay cosmetics or products before.

I was really surprised at how much products were in this box. Usually you only receive up to 5 products to review >.< 

I am really happy that I received this box & I like the products so far.

If you are interested in these products, please continue reading 

28 April 2014

[REVIEW] Mizon Skin Recharge Activating Serum

Hey peeps!
Due to my clumsiness, I had smashed my SDcard a while back in my bag, so it took me a while to retake the pics.

BUT, this post is done & now up!

I have been using this product for over 2 months now, so I have a better feel of how this product works on my skin.

If you are interested in this product review, please keep reading! 

25 April 2014

New Hair & Urban Decay Mini-Haul

Hey lovely's!
Hope you are all well & dandy!

There's been a lot of craziness & assignments since the semester is coming to an end... I've also been stuck studying for exams :(

I'm getting back to working on the reviews & other blog posts. So today I decided to just cut my hair. A week or so ago, I just trimmed it. I went SHORT! It's really short to me...

I also ordered a couple things from Urban Decay too!

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05 April 2014

[REVIEW] MAC Lipstick in "So Chaud" & "Up The Amp"

Hey lovely's!
So I have a review for you on these 2 lippies I recently bought from MAC last week.
The usual lippies I wear are either nude or pink, but I've been exploring more in the past month or so.

I chose an orange & a purple. I was looking for shades that weren't too bright, but at the same time, not too dark or dull.

I was really looking forward to playing with these & seeing what looks they'd go best with.
"Up the Amp" looks like the perfect violet & "So Chaud" looks more red.

Do you like purple or orange lipsticks?
If you'd like to see how they look, please keep reading!

04 April 2014

✫ Mini Drugstore & Red Cherry Lashes Haul + UPDATE ✫

Hey lovely's!
Hope things are going well for you guys!
I am currently working on a lot of product reviews, but it's taking a while to finish some of them up.

Upcoming Posts:
MAC lipsticks in "Up The Amp" & "So Chaud" Review
Mizon Skin Recharge Activating Serum Review
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Mizon Deep Sea Marine Collagen Ampoule Review
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i.Fairy Jewel Lenses Brown & Blue Review

Today, I'll be showing you guys what I picked up at a local drugstore.
If you are interested, please keep on reading!