16 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 02 [Pic Heavy]

PART 02 of the SF Trip!!!!
So on Thanksgiving day,
My friend Jayr & I decided to go out, enjoy as much as we can til everything closes. lol.

We wanted to go through China Town & then Fisherman's Wharf .
It was a pretty long walk... lol. We didn't really think it through but it was so much fun.

It was around 64 degrees F so it wasn't cold. The weather was perfect for the walk.

(click on images to enlarge)

My friend J & I both got up around 7/8am, got ready & headed out for a new adventure.
LOL. I know... the duckfaces...

We walked around Union Square & Financial District.


All the hops were decorated so beautifully.
The theme in most of the shops were butterflies.

I don't remember which shop this was, but OMG! The display was just so gorgeous!


These 2 shops were very nice. Sadly they were closed.
All the hats are from back in the 19th century & oh did I want a couple to take home.
The perfume bottles were also very gorgeous. The sizes & designs were so pretty. I wanted to buy a couple just to accent my house.

 There was also this display of clown toys from the 19th century which I thought was pretty cool.
The ones on the bottom left are somewhat creepy though...

Here's a random selfie. lol

When we finally got to China Town, we saw a couple Italian glass shops, as well as, statues.
Everything was so pretty! I especially wanted the big samurai statue but it was $49,000
The smaller ones were $29,000 ... I didn't get to buy them of course, but I at least got a picture of them.

Lol.... Talk about camwhore. J & I took a bunch of pics of us, but I'm only going to post a couple.

Lol @ the right pic. The sun was in our eyes so the pic came out all -_-

We sat at a park for a lil while, to talk + take selfies, then we went back to walking around.


We decided to have Pho for brunch. J was craving it since we got to SF.
Found a nice little shop in China Town to eat at. It was very delicious. I'm very picky about my Pho, so I was pretty surprised at how perfect the soup was.

Alot of the shops in China Town are very colorful. They have already hing the lanterns & decorations were getting put up.

Here are some little trinkets I bought at the Italian glass shops.
They were only $10 each.

The elephants & ox were gifts I got for my parents & I bought the rose & piano for myself.
Everything can be opened and the detail + jewels on these trinkets were very pretty.

We were in China Town for about 1/2 hours & so we decided it was time to head to Fisherman's Wharf.

We saw the church from afar. It was so beautiful. We had to stop by & take pics.

I can't remember the name of the church, but I'll never forget how beautiful it is.

There is a park right in front of it. This year, there are alot of traveler's from abroad visiting SF for Thanksgiving.

 We finally made it to Pier 39 / Fisherman's Wharf!!! 

We decided to get on one of the tour boats that goes to the Golden Gate Bridge & around Alabaster. It was only $28/hour, who wouldn't do it? lol 

The scenery + weather was just perfect! The air was fresh & breezy. Couldn't have been a better day.
We met a mother & daughter who were very nice that accompanied us on the boat trip & chatted with us.
So great to meet new people.


After going to the bridge, the boat takes us around the Alabaster prison.

It's so creepy looking. I would like to take a tour inside the next time I'm in SF though.

The different views/scenes SF offers is amazing! There's just so much to see.
Part 03 is coming soon!!! How did you like these pics I took? Does it make you want to go to SF?

Thanks for stopping by!

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