13 September 2013

[REVIEW] DollyEye Crystal i. Brown & Blue

Sorry for such late reviews! So much homework & projects for my classes! It's driving me nutz!!!!
Well onto the review!!!

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Color: 5/5
Brown lenses: very subtle. They are honey brown on my eyes. Very natural looking, blends w/ my actual eyes very nicely.
Blue lenses: They are a deep blue on my eyes. I really like them! You can tell they are blue, but they are not extremely vibrant. A great choice if you want a more natural look instead of big, dolly eyes

Design: 5/5
The design is very subtle. From afar you can't really see the design. Up-close they do not look unnatural and people can't even tell I'm wearing lenses, unless I wear the blue ones. Even the blues seem like they can be my actual eye color.

Comfort: 5/5
 Super comfortable. They don't slide around and/or irritate my eyes. I can wear them up to 8 hrs w/ eye drops. I don't even notice I am wearing them at times.

Enlargement: 4/5

If you are looking for lenses that are going to give you those big, dolly/alien eyes, then these aren't for you.
I personally really like them & find the enlargement factor of these lenses are okay. 

- Very natural, great for everyday wear
- Versatile, goes w/ every makeup style
- Comes in other colors like: hazel, grey, green, & violet
- I can wears these 6+ hours w/ eye drops
- I can wear them even if I don't want to wear any eye makeup

- It can be hard to tell if it is flipped inside out
- Very soft/thin
- I would have loved them even more if the diameter was 15mm or more

I am in love w/ these lenses at the moment. Though they are only 14.5mm they look somewhat dolly. Reminds me kind of the bjd or blythe dolls but less dramatic/vibrant. I recommend these to peeps who want natural, soft look, but still dolly. I think these are great for Oneegyaru & Ulzzang!


As you can see, my makeup is becoming less dramatic.

If you follow me on instagram, then you know I've cut my bangs!
What do you think?
How do you like these lenses? A Yes or Heck No?
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Omg you're a total doll xoxo <3
    The blue ones suit you very well.
    You could be like a princess or something.
    Keep up the good work girlie!!!


  2. @Cristielle Ashwood: Thank you sweetie!!!
    You're too kind.


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