26 October 2013

[REVIEW] Barbie Sugar Candy Brown & Pink

Hey loves!!! 
Sorry I disappeared for like a month! I've been very busy.
I've had so many essays & projects being due + more that are going to be due...
Also there's been three funerals going on so, I've just been a bit overwhelmed lately.

Hope you guys are doing well! I don't have much other news to update on, just more lens reviews and some product reviews coming up.

So onto the REVIEW!

please click on images to enlargen
Product Info:
Base Curve     8.6mm
Diameter     16.2mm
Water Content     38%

Color: 3/5
The colors are not very vibrant. You can see that my eyes are lighter, but cannot really tell what colors they are. 

The pink is a bit more noticeable than the brown, but in person... not really.

Design: 4/5
Very simple. A large black ring with a little color. It makes you look like you have no pupil... LOL.

Comfort: 5/5
Very comfy. They didn't slide around at all. Stayed well put, and did not dry my eyes out. Wore them for 6-8 hours without any problems.

Enlargement: 5/5
These are very enlarging. The black outer ring enhances the lenses and your eyes for those big, dolly eyes! 

Very large
Can be drying
Very unnatural

Though these lenses are very natural, I think they are pretty and go with many different makeup styles.
Comfy so I can wear them all day at school without any irritation or discomfort.
Nothing much to praise except big, dolly eyes, but nothing much to dislike either.

What do you guys think?


Thanks for stopping by!

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