18 January 2015

Pups, Parvo, & Recovery ☁

Hey loves!

The 2 puppies that I brought home in September were tested positive for canine Parvovirus.
Before any goes off and accuses me of not caring for my dogs, they were vaccinated the day/day after I got them. So it's been 3 months since I've had them.

My older dog was fine, but it's most likely due to that she was older & had a well-built immune system. I've had many dogs, but never had to deal with any of the diseases/viruses before. This was a first. So many questions...
I've had them since September. Why now?

In the beginning of December, a bunch of stray cats have been running amok my backyard and all my neighbors' backyards. So we think that the cats may have been carriers of the virus. The cats are not affected by the virus, but due to they were going around everyone's yards ( we all have dogs in the neighborhood), the cats may have picked up the virus from infected dog feces. I've had dogs for years in/around my house. All of which were healthy, so there's no other explanation than this.

13 January 2015

Winner to the KawaiiBox Giveaway is...

Congratulations hun!
Please email me back within 48 hours, or we will have to chose a new winner.

Thank you for entering. Don't be sad, I will have more giveaways in the future.