28 June 2014

[REVIEW] BN Luminous Change Eyelash in Sweet Eye

Hey peeps! 

Finally back after a month or so with a review post!

I received these lashes for my birthday (in January) & finally got to them now.
I was using up my other lashes & didn't want to waste or lose these, so I didn't touch them til now.

The model that made these lashes & is on the package is Rumi Itabashi.

22 June 2014

UPDATE + New & Simpler Layout ...

HEY loves!
Sorry for my hiatus. After my dog died, there were some family issues and I became busy with work + family... a lot of things happened.

Summer has been nothing, but a pain & headache this year... but I do have some good news is that I've been working on those LATE posts! I've had to retake most of them due to the crap lighting in my home. A bit better, but not the best. 

I'll be working on those + some new ones.


How do you like this look?

The other layout, though it was cute was having issues loading and what not, so I decided to change it back to something simpler and easier to find posts.

Though it's simple, the pics & graphics I worked hard on...

Man... still not a graphics person. lol

I went for the more girly/floral feel this time.


So how are you guys doing? On summer break yet?