29 August 2013

New Blog Layout & Circle Lenses Haul!

Hey loves! How are you liking the new blog layout???
It's so simple, yet cute! I think it really fits my personality. I will be making a post later on the details of this layout, as well as who made it.

Sorry for the late review posts! My Internet modem failed me last week and won't be fixed til later next week so everything is kinda going to be postponed, since i am using my iPad mini for this post.

But I'm happy to present to you a Haul! 

I was in Seoul for only a week for a funeral, but I went and picked up some circle lenses to bring home, before leaving to come back to Cali. Originally I bought 65 pairs but sold some, my sis/bros & friends also ordered, so I have only 24 pairs left for myself... 

Things might change depending of if my bros/sis take anymore... 

I have already opens the Barbie Romana & Diamond 3 Tones in brown. 
So I'll be working on those reviews.

Cost was around $5-$7 USD for each pair. Dollyeyes were a trade from my friend. She traded me the dollyeyes for the Barbie Nudy lenses. 

Which len(es) should I open up next?! Which lenses have you used or want? 
I'm currently in the phase of wanting natural lenses... But I prolly will want more dramatic lenses later.

Hope you gals/guys are doing well! 


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