24 September 2013

Forever21 Mini-Haul ☸

So I got my package today!!! I also went & picked up the sweater I wanted from my friend at Forever21. So happy!!! Came super fast! 

Ordered: Sept 19th & 20th
Received: Sept 24th

The green package on the top is from Donatella's which I will talk about in another post.
I am like a kid when I get packages LOL... I just rip the darn thing apart.

I don't know what it is but I'm falling in love with kitties on tees/tops...
Just too cute to resist! 

Cool Cat Muscle Tee


Cat Attack Muscle Tee
 Sadly this item isn't on the site anymore :(


I also bought two solid camis $2.80/each
Shipping: FREE
Tax: about $4.80
Total: $64.94

I also got a pair of pants from a friend!!! Woot woot!
It's really thick so it'll be great to wear when it get cold.

Well that's it for now! Hope you liked my mini-haul!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good lawd, I love this haul! *u* <3 Awesome stuff, and I am totally LOVING that cat muscle T! *o* It looks awesome, haha.

  2. @June L: Thank you! ♥ I'm really in love w/ the cat muscle tees too xD

  3. All of them are cute but the Cut open sweater is my fav. Great haul.

  4. @Honey Tan: thank you! I love the sweater too! Super glad I decided to get it ♥


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