29 August 2012

Circle Lenses Haul o(╹ェ╹)o

Hello loves!!!! How are you?
How did you like the Korean Cosmetics haul???
I hope you liked it! ^^
Now onto the circle lenses haul ~
I got these from my cousin who did a group order with her friends last month.
(I didn't know about it, she didn't call me...)
She came over to my house to visit my parents & she gave them to me as a present.

 I'm currently throwing out the lenses I currently have since, I've been wearing them for about 3-4 months now.
I need new lenses, so this was a good thing!!!
She gave me the EOS ICE series lenses in Brown, Blue, Grey, Violet, & Green but she kept the Pink ones for herself... She already had these colors so, in other words... she didn't need these. (jerk >.>)
But I'm very HAPPY with these lenses! They design isn't too noticeable/bright or alien-looking, like the other lenses that I have.

28 August 2012

Korean Cosmetics Haul ~

Yay!!!!!! Finally a makeup haul!!!!
Alot of my blog readers have been asking about why I recently don't do hauls...here are my reasons:
#1 I Purchase the same things that I do in my older hauls = redundant, so I don't want to bore everyone with me buying the same things.
#2 Money - I've been saving money to pay for school, bills, & other important expenses.
 #3 I've been busy so I haven't really had the time to go find/experiment with new makeup that is in the market... I'm a bit behind on what's currently new in the makeup market

I need products that are great on the go & that especially fits in my school bag... I hate carrying big makeup products around since they bulk up my school bag.

But finally, I decided to order some stuff!!! I know that many people have tried the products I ordered, but products work differently/look differently on different people. So I wanted to try these.

The place I ordered from is Pretty & Cute
I've heard many good things about them & altho I had some order issues, the customer service contacted me within 24 hours & fixed my issues for me. and FAST SHIPPING! They are located in Portland, Oregon. I highly recommend them since they are located in the US & have great customer service. Easily accessible for me, especially since I usually order things through family/friends in Asia, this is easier + faster for me to do :3

- Pic collage I made -

24 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임- Day 03 [PIC HEAVY] END

Last day in San Francisco!!!
I didn't want to leave yet! I wanted to do ALOT of shopping and site seeing still.
I missed my doggies, but then again I needed a vacay from my family... 비터스윗

Me w/ no makeup at Starbuck's getting coffee + breakfast


23 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 02 [PIC HEAVY] Part 02

Japan Town!!!!!!!
We went to PikaPika, of course, to take some purikura! Woo hoo!
Sophia & Taylor decorated the group puri.
 I'm such a derp face! xD We had sooo much fun tho ♥
(took these photos from Sophia :P)

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 02 [PIC HEAVY] Part 01

Day 02
Meeting up with the San Francisco gals! Kayo & I were soooo excited!
The meet wasn't until 12pm @ Bloomingdale's food court. I had woken up super early... and decided to go out for breakfast. Kayo wasn't awake nor ready yet, so I went by myself :)
It was 6am xD I was up around 4am... lol
 Cafe Mason was my destination xD
Alot of people (strangers) recommended this restaurant to me.
LOL @ the waiter that turned around & smiled right as I snapped this photo.
 Beautiful interior! Very lovely, somewhat romantic, but casual.

22 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 01 [PIC HEAVY] Part 02

All I can say was 우와!!!! Excitement!!!!
When I got to the hostel & met Kayo, she was so kind as to wait at the hostel for me & show me around the hostel ♥
She is soooo pretty! Envy... I thought it would be hard to talk to her since I'm so awkward when I first meet people, but it wasn't at all!

After introductions and a bit of chit chat we went out to explore SF together. We decided to go to China Town and find Boba Tea ♥♥♥ Kayo really likes boba xD but so do I. 

It was pretty chilly outside... around 50-60 degrees fahrenheit. But I love it!!!! ♥

Fresno is around 100-120 degrees fahrenheit =____=
I prefer SF weather way more than Fresno weather.

Surprisingly I wasn't tired... 48 hours of no sleep & I was still energetic as I could ever be! xD

21 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 01 [PIC HEAVY] Part 01

안녕 lovelies!!!! 잘 지내셨어요? How are you?
(I'm still a bit tired from the trip & fun, so if I sound a bit off ... that's why)
Sad that I had to leave :(

The San Francisco Gal Meet was fun & I met many amazing gals. All so pretty & with cool personalities. When I was on the train I couldn't stop saying 우와! = Oooh wahhh! at everything.

The scenery is beautiful & when I got to SF, I loved the weather. Some of the buildings were very pretty.

I will post pics & stuff that happened in order, one day at a time so that I don't getthings all mixed up xD lol.

My trip is Friday, August 17th to SF but I couldn't sleep at all on that Thursday... So I just stayed up & looked through all the things I packed to see what I really needed for the trip.

I left to the Amtrak station at 5:50am to get there by 6:30am since the train departs at 6:50am. It's about a 4 hour trip. 3 hours by train & the rest by bus. But it's worth it!

There was a minor delay. I was supposed to be in SF by 11:30am but got there at 12pm which isn't bad since I also had a bit of trouble finding the hostel xD Luckily a nice lady took me to it. So kind of her.

15 August 2012

First Week of Fall Semester...

I was a bit nervous since most of my buddies left to a different college or moved away :( but it wasn't as bad. Found some old classmates that I could talk/hang out with.

It's just soooo hot that I've been irritated and getting annoyed by little things. So many issues with the classes, it's barely the 1st week of school.

Originally started with 4 classes but I don't really need one of the classes & I just found it as a waste or money & time... the assignments in the course are so childish & pointless. So, I dropped it & returned my books/supplies that were meant for the class.

Well... I got my travel bag that I ordered! Yay!
It's cute & really big!

09 August 2012

Hair Update & Upcoming Event

I went and got my hair bleached today. After 3 months of no dying & no heat & treatment, I decided to stay blonde... My roots had come out about 4-5 inches. I went to a nearby salon that I never knew was there, Kaying Beauty Salon.

Coloring starts at $45 and differs per person.
I also got my brows waxed for $12.

My roots are a dark brown & my old color was a reddish med brown. It took a total of 3 hours to do my hair. Which isn't bad, since my scalp is sensitive and we took many breaks in between.

Cost: $102 + waxing
Hair Length: Med Long, dark, thick hair

The stylist that did my hair was Ariaal. She is sooo nice & funny. Sadly, I can't remember the 3 other stylists that were there. They were really cool & fun. I enjoyed my time spent there.

I was really happy with the service & outcome. Sadly, since I am broke, I was only able to give her a $10 tip. I am totally looking forward to going back. Ariall also gave me her cell # so we can keep in contact. She's a sweetheart ^o^