23 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 04 FINAL [Pic Heavy]

Woot!!! Finally finished with the SF trip posts! lol.
This was the Saturday before JayR & I leave. I promised to meet up with some friends.
I was super excited. On this day, I didn't really take many pics. Very little in comparison to the 3 prior posts. There was so much to catch up on, as well, as well as say goodbye.

First off,

a selca of my makeup/part of what i wore that day. My hair was still wet. I was getting ready to do it, but decided to snap a photo before i forget.

And before I go on,
here's a little, not so great photo I took when JayR & I went shopping LATE that Black Friday night. More like morning, but whatevs.

So I met up with the lovely & gorgeous ladies Ammarie & Monica!

So happy to see them. It's been over a year since I first met them! We keep in contact through Facebook & sometimes text, but I've been so busy so I haven't really got to go to SF to see anyone. 

First thing we did was take puri! lol. So cute, right?!

Then we went to get crepes & boba tea.
It's sooo cute!!!!!!

Guess who I met at PikaPika (puri place) ???!!!

KEIKO-chan!!!!! She & I have been talking on FB for the past year & I finally got to go meet her. Sadly, I didn't really get to hang out with her :( But I'll be planning a lil meet with her soon, hopefully. She's soooo cute! First time meeting & she gave me the best cuddly-bear hug. lol. She is so hard to to like! She is super gorgeous in real life, not just in pics... another story for someone like me >.>

Later that night, I went back to my hostel & went out to talk to an old friend. I mean old. I've known him since primary! I haven't seen him in about 10 years. We've only been calling & texting each other. It was somewhat emotional & I just didn't bother to take pics, except for when I was waiting for him to get to the restaurant.

Look at the paper rose made out of the straw wrapper!!! How cute!

I got a soup for dinner. Spicy, yet somewhat mild. Very tasty!

Ugh! This trip had just been a huge adventure! So many things going on & I finally got to have sometime to relax! Oh, how I miss the friends I made at the hostel, friends I met up with, & every1 I couldn't get to meet with this trip.

Well that's it for the SF trip! Have a good night!

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