26 September 2013

- ℳy New ℋair -

Hey L♥ves!!! 
How are you doing???

Lately my hair has been kind of boring and BLEH...
so I decided I need to spice it up.

It's very oshare and different from what I usually do, but whatevs. LOL

The colors are teal/green & blue... I was actually going to do purple, but I thought blue would be fun. My bangs that are brown are also cut shorter to show the blue & teal underneath.

25 September 2013

Donatella's Tights Haul + Site Review

Hey loves!!! 
So this will be about a site called Donatella's. It is a site that sells plus size tights & thigh highs. Ordering is super fast & easy.

It is located in the UK and I must say that I am going to be a returning customer!!! I love their tights selection & pricing. 

It's so hard to find tights, especially ones like in the pic above. So glad I stumbled upon this site.

24 September 2013

Forever21 Mini-Haul ☸

So I got my package today!!! I also went & picked up the sweater I wanted from my friend at Forever21. So happy!!! Came super fast! 

Ordered: Sept 19th & 20th
Received: Sept 24th

The green package on the top is from Donatella's which I will talk about in another post.
I am like a kid when I get packages LOL... I just rip the darn thing apart.

23 September 2013

Mini-Haul + GreatGlam.com [REVIEW]

Hey loves! 
Just got some things in the mail today, as well as bought a couple of things on my window shopping trip... lol

First I got this top in the mail today. It is the Cross Sunnies Kitty Tee. It was originally $21.90, but it was on sale for $10.95. I thought it was just too cute to resist & ordered it. 
I ordered this top either the 19th or 20th and received it today (Sept 23rd).

I am a dog lover, but I have to say that the cats they put on clothing are just too cute!

This top is somewhat short, so I guess it's a crop top. Can't wait to wear this!!!

17 September 2013

[REVIEW] Barbie Romana Brown

Hello!!! 추석 잘 보내세요!!!!!

They look as if they will make your eyes really glisten-ey and deer like! lol

please click on images to enlargen

13 September 2013

[REVIEW] DollyEye Crystal i. Brown & Blue

Sorry for such late reviews! So much homework & projects for my classes! It's driving me nutz!!!!
Well onto the review!!!

please click on images to enlargen

04 September 2013

[REVIEW] Sleek i-Divine Palette Aqua Collection Limited Edition in Lagoon 845

Sorry for the late review!!! I've been without any internet access at home, so everything is a mess.
Not just my blogging, but stuff for school as well :( But I finally got it back!!!! Yay!