31 December 2013

[REVIEW] Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown & Grey

Happy New Years!!!
Hope all of you have been well & had a great Christmas!

I would have had this & another post up this week but ran into some difficulties. My SD Card was corrupted. I had all the pics I needed for the posts & then this happened. Everything was working just fine & when I put my SD Card into my comp, it said my card was corrupted... So I had to recover the card & everything was erased... *sigh*

Well... whatever, time for the review
Aren't they pretty?

25 December 2013

간단한 갸루 눈 화장 자습서 01 ☆ Simple Gyaru Eye Makeup 01

Merry Christmas!!!!!
And an early Happy New Years!

This is my first decent eye makeup tutorial since, I started this blog. I did one a long time ago, but it was when I used my phone camera, so it was really crappy quality.

I do this eyemake very often & with alot of people requesting it, I decided to finally take the time to make a small tutorial on it. I did this for a Christmas Party/Get-Together. I wore the red heart-punchout sweater w/leggings & heels.
The sweater is fairly long on me to my surprise. So it was a perfect dress. lol

Well, click on "읽기 계속" if you want to see how I do my eye makeup! 

23 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 04 FINAL [Pic Heavy]

Woot!!! Finally finished with the SF trip posts! lol.
This was the Saturday before JayR & I leave. I promised to meet up with some friends.
I was super excited. On this day, I didn't really take many pics. Very little in comparison to the 3 prior posts. There was so much to catch up on, as well, as well as say goodbye.

First off,

a selca of my makeup/part of what i wore that day. My hair was still wet. I was getting ready to do it, but decided to snap a photo before i forget.

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 03 [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone! Part 03 of my SF trip!
There's only 1 more part I promise, then I'll go back to my makeup/circle lenses reviews!
I found a program that can easily watermark all my pics in one batch so posts will be up fast now. LOL. I used to watermark them 1 at a time or in small batches, but the new program allows me to do it just in one big batch. Made life so much easier.

*upcoming review*
It will be on the Barbie Puffy 3 Tones lenses in Brown & Grey

16 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 02 [Pic Heavy]

PART 02 of the SF Trip!!!!
So on Thanksgiving day,
My friend Jayr & I decided to go out, enjoy as much as we can til everything closes. lol.

We wanted to go through China Town & then Fisherman's Wharf .
It was a pretty long walk... lol. We didn't really think it through but it was so much fun.

It was around 64 degrees F so it wasn't cold. The weather was perfect for the walk.

(click on images to enlarge)

09 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 01 [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone! Finally got to finishing the first part of my SF trip post.
For Thanksgiving break this year I went to San Francisco w/ a guy friend of mine. His birthday was in September, but he didn't really get to celebrate it, and my b-day will be in January, but we prolly won't see each other anymore, so this was the time to hang out together.Our families were away and/or had other priorities (work) so we decided to leave town for the weekend.

My makeup for the day. I had to wake up at 4am to get ready & check stuff, then go to the Amtrak station by 6am, so my makeup had to be very simple & fast, since the Amtrak is about an hour away.

(click on pics to enlarge)

08 December 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hello my lovely's!!!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day!!!

Sorry for such the late update, been very busy :(

The beautiful Elina of Cupcake Kisses had nominated me and a couple of other bloggers for this award.

The rules for this award is very simple.

This award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is a way for other bloggers and readers to connect with each other.

Before I go on with answering Elina's questions,

I won't be tagging anyone since all the blogs I follow have already been tagged and/or have more than 200 followers as is.