17 September 2013

[REVIEW] Barbie Romana Brown

Hello!!! 추석 잘 보내세요!!!!!

They look as if they will make your eyes really glisten-ey and deer like! lol

please click on images to enlargen

Color: 4/5
These lenses are a dark choco brown & they blend lovely into my natural eyes.
I would of preferred them a bit more if they were more of a honey brown.

Design: 5/5
I really like the flower design!!! Depending on the lighting, my eyes will look as if they are glistening ♥
They are noticeable up-close, but not far. Natural looking in comparison to other lenses w/ a flower design.

Comfort: 4/5
They are very comfortable to wear, but when I wear them for about 5-6 hours my eyes start to get dry & I will need to use eye drops. Other than that, I don't even feel them in my eyes.

Enlargement: 5/5
As you can see in the pics, they are fairly BIG. I think they give me that deer eye effect, big, round, & very dolly.

- Enlarging
- Color blends in

- There is only 2 other color choices, Grey & Blue (???)
- Drying after 5 hours of wear
- Design is not very noticeable

I think that these are very pretty lenses & the design is great, but it would be better it the design was more noticeable. Because of their size (16.2mm) they are drying after a couple of hours. Alternatives for these lenses are the Princess Mimi Almond lenses, Barbie Sugar Candy Brown lenses & Barbie Choco lenses, if you are looking for natural, big, brown, dolly eyes.

CLOSE-UP of my eyemakeup


Used flash in all my pics... lighting has just been so crappy wherever I take pics...

What do you think???
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  1. It's so pretty! I like the color a lot but te diameter is so big o_o but they look so cute and dolly on your eyes ^^ thank you for reviewing~


  2. @Misa Lee: thank you hun! Yeah they are pretty big, but comfy. No problem!

    @Yomi C: Thank you :)


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