23 September 2013

Mini-Haul + GreatGlam.com [REVIEW]

Hey loves! 
Just got some things in the mail today, as well as bought a couple of things on my window shopping trip... lol

First I got this top in the mail today. It is the Cross Sunnies Kitty Tee. It was originally $21.90, but it was on sale for $10.95. I thought it was just too cute to resist & ordered it. 
I ordered this top either the 19th or 20th and received it today (Sept 23rd).

I am a dog lover, but I have to say that the cats they put on clothing are just too cute!

This top is somewhat short, so I guess it's a crop top. Can't wait to wear this!!!

Before receiving my packages, I was out doing a little window shopping and saw these on sale at the ahjussi's shop. I couldn't resist!!! He doesn't order much cosmetics/skincare products so I had to snatch these before others do.

The Lioele Carry Me Blusher is actually my all time fav blush. It is pretty much the only blush I will use. Other pinks are either too dark or light, and other colors just do not go w/my skintone. It is a repurchase and I purchase it actually almost every 2 months or so...

The blush was 10000 won ($9-$10USD).

I also bought 

My sis and I use these two creams almost religiously. lol. This is my 3rd time purchasing these creams. For skincare I have been using Clinique & Lancome because I can easily go to the mall and pick up the items I want. But I just can't resist these! The cost is just perfect, only problem is finding them and/or ordering them...

I got the Snail cream for 13500 won ($12-$13 USD) & the Venom cream for 12500 won ($11-$12 USD).
They sound scary & weird but I swear they are not harmful to you in any way unless you are allergic to them!

They would be even better if they came w/ spatulas, but they don't.

Now onto my order from GreatGlam
I am very impressed by all the sexy items they have for the average woman as well as the plus size girls like me.

The top I purchased is called Overdo It in plus size. There is also one in the average size.


I don't know what is wrong w/ my camera, but it failed as I tried to take a pic of the top...
So I took a screen cap of the top below ↴

The top just looked so sexy & nice on her... I also really like this style so I'm super happy I found it on this site & purchased it.

Price: $29.80 + FREE SHIPPING in the USA
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is FREE if you purchase 5+ items

You can check out the top HERE
For the small/average size gals go HERE

(Weight guidelines are approximations based on an average height of 5 foot 4 inches and are meant only to help you in your selection. Individual sizing will vary based on your unique curves and build)

Can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear this top! It's a bit long so it's more of a tunic top on my/ mini dress. It is like a sweater dress, perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Shipping: 5/5
It was free!!! 
I ordered this top on the 20th and received it today (Sept 23rd) so the shipping is really fast! They are located in Florida so they are not far, but not close. I have ordered items from other shops in Florida, but they take up to a week or so before I receive them. Super happy!
Communication: 5/5
They reply within 24 hours and are so very kind and sweet.

Quality: 5/5
The top is very sturdy & well made. It felt perfect when I tried it on. It's stretchy & body hugging, but not tight. I actually got a size bigger because I was afraid it would not fit my hips... My hips are wide in comparison to my bust. 

 Price: 5/5
I think the price is great & reasonable.

 Sizes: 4/5
A pretty good size range Small - Medium - Large - 1XL - 2XL - 3XL
Shoes size 6-8 maybe 9
the sizing range for shoes is not so great as well as the undergarments
the bras go from 32B - 36D which is a good range but not for us girls who have a little more in the cup area...

 Satisfaction: 5/5
Am so glad I purchased this top. I am in love with it. 

 Will I purchase from Great Glam again?
YES!!! I am already looking at the other selections of clothes available & I already want to order about 4-5 other items right now.

 Do I recommend them?
YES. Great Glam has a pretty good selection for those average size & plus size. They also sell shoes & undergarments. You can easily buy an outfit or two on this website.

Do check them out & tell me what you liked/disliked. The review is of my opinion and the company/shop has no influences on it. I can't wait to get my other packages in the mail!!! Hopefully I'll get them soon.


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