11 November 2013

[REVIEW] My Blog Design

I feel so bad!!! Ugh! I thought I had published this post already!
For some odd reason, some of my posts are not being published even though it says they are.

Alot of people have been asking me & complimenting my blog layout/theme. As you can see it changed a bit. Just a little bit. LOL. 

Sorry Apple, for posting this so late!

 The beautiful & talented Apple of CottonApple made this blog theme/layout for me.
As you can see it is pretty simple & it's actually easier to navigate. Everything is upfront.

Communication: 5/5
She was very easy to talk to & very sweet. She is quick at replying and getting down to business. She expects questions & asks in detail what I want.

If you want changes or tweaks you can feel comfortable asking her. She is really a kind & sweet girl.

Design: 5/5
She sent me the pics she was going to use for my blog & gave me options to choose from. She also gave me the option to choose ones she did not have. I love it! It's exactly like I pictured it. It fits my blog name so much more than how it was before.

(As you guys know, I suck at graphics & designing... I can't edit for crap. But her layout allows me to make little changes + add stuff.)

She has many other designs that she has done on her blog. Check it out!

Cost: 5/5
Very affordable. I was fairly surprised by how much the whole layout cost! Even when I asked for a tweak of my layout. Amazing work + great pricing! I really recommend her!

Overall Rate: 5/5

She really is my go to designer! I stumbled upon her very randomly one day & am so glad I asked her to make this layout for me. It's been a while since I have had it and I just smile everytime I look at my blog now. Though it is simplistic, it is still very pretty & eye catching!

If you'd like to ask her some questions or get a commission, this is her email:

I really need to start checking on all my posts & start blogging more...
I promise I have some good news coming up & stay warm!!!
It's getting cold here in California! Sweater season!

I am mostly active on instagram... I've been really busy with classes/work. Thanksgiving break is coming up so things are kind of hectic right now!

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