20 September 2014

Furrific?! =^.^=

Hey loves!
Long time no see.
Hope all is well!

So, if you guys follow me on instagram, then you guys know, but if you do not...
I got 2 new puppies on Sept 19th! tehehe

I was so excited, as well as, nervous because I didn't know how my other dog would act.
My mom decided it was time we get a new pup so that my senior (9 yr old) dog, Genie can have a friend.

It's been 4  months since my other dog passed. Genie has been a bit sad and her daily activities slowed down. My dad on the other hand was really reluctant and against getting more pups, but my mom always wins. lol

12 September 2014

Hair Update ~

Hey loves!
Just wanted to show a little update on my hair since it's been a long time since I really did anything to it. On Aug 30th I actually dyed it, if you follow me on Instagram, then you've seen it.

At first it was a more plum-burgundy. The color pops in sunlight & in flash photography, but it started to fade and become really dark. So I decided to brighten it up a bit!

07 September 2014

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints {Swatches & Review}

Hey loves!
Hope everything is going well.
For those who are in school, hang in there!!!
A couple days ago, when I went clothes shopping I saw these beauties on sale in a boutique.
I had to have them. I've heard lots of good reviews and well, I love having new lippies!

The original prices for these are $4.00
I got all 18 for $30 that day 
Due to so many people asking for swatches and a review, I decided to go ahead and do it.