26 September 2013

- ℳy New ℋair -

Hey L♥ves!!! 
How are you doing???

Lately my hair has been kind of boring and BLEH...
so I decided I need to spice it up.

It's very oshare and different from what I usually do, but whatevs. LOL

The colors are teal/green & blue... I was actually going to do purple, but I thought blue would be fun. My bangs that are brown are also cut shorter to show the blue & teal underneath.

Before & After
Oh so different!!! :P


Sorry about the lighting. Bathroom lighting + Lamp lighting is so ugh!
It's so yellow and weird!

And here is another selca, but I'm not wearing any makeup
I also dyed the rest of my bangs blue + teal.

So what do you think about my new hair do?
Yay or Nay?


  1. @Yomi C: thanks hun ♥ you're always so sweet!

  2. cool hair color i kinda wanna dye my hair pink.. lol! but probs can never pull it off xx

  3. @Crown Polish: Thank you!!! ♥ You should try it! If you aren't sure, try strands or just the bottom half ^^

    @Ahleessa C: Thank you hun ♥


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