23 December 2013

San Francisco Trip 2013 Part 03 [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone! Part 03 of my SF trip!
There's only 1 more part I promise, then I'll go back to my makeup/circle lenses reviews!
I found a program that can easily watermark all my pics in one batch so posts will be up fast now. LOL. I used to watermark them 1 at a time or in small batches, but the new program allows me to do it just in one big batch. Made life so much easier.

*upcoming review*
It will be on the Barbie Puffy 3 Tones lenses in Brown & Grey

Well, back to the 3rd day of the trip! Black Friday. Day after Thanksgiving trip!
JayR & I decided to go back to the wharf & try to explore some more.
We ended up at the aquarium because we heard they had sea otters. Lol.

Again, I took too many pics...
Sorry that my watermark is straight, smack-dabbed, in the center of the photos...
I asked my lil cousin to help, this is what happened. lol

The aquarium is 3 stories, but SMALL... I had fairly high hopes & was shot down pretty quick. I thought it was gonna be big. I was expecting it to be like the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. I was expecting to be awed by every display, but there weren't really much...
I got bored really quickly. Tickets were I think $21, which isn't much, but I felt like it was a waste... At the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, for the same price I get to see so much more & it's so BIG!!!

A lil pic of me & JayR.... lol

The one thing that really caught my attention, were the jellyfish!!! They are just so magnificent creatures!!!


The water/glass was very murky... Some of the fish did not look so... healthy or well.
I felt kinda depressed looking at them. Every time I've gone to the aquarium, I see happily swimming fish & other water creatures that look like they are enjoying their life.


There were 2 divers cleaning the glass...


The displays were very... boring. There was almost nothing in the tunnel...
I expected to see some coral or pretty rocks, or at least different types of kelp. 


There were smaller animals like frogs, snakes, & turtles. I was surprised to see Chinchillas!!!
Like WTH???!!!! But they were so cute & fluffay!!!!!

There was also a possum that was asleep... lol. Big o' fur ball!

We finally got to see the otters!!! The display was sad!!! Just rocks.... a small pool...
That's it!!!

The aquarium trip was maybe 40 minutes, because we took pics & were chatting with another group of people...

After that we went to get lunch & walk around.

Garlic fries + clam chowder!!! Yummmmmmmmmm...
The shops right outside of the aquarium were very pretty! Every shop caught my attention.

We heard some barking nearby & to our surprise, there were SEA LIONS!!!!
They were either sleeping, fighting to keep their space, or looking for space. lol.

After that, we just kept on walking. We went to other piers and walked to Pier 39 where we went on the boat ride the day before.

 Then we went to get dinner. It was busy!!!!  We were lucky to get a seat.
We went to a Thai restaurant for a change in taste. I got the Lahd Nah.
It tasted good, but not very well made :( Too liquid-ey & the noodles were all cut up to bits... whthey are supposed to be long.

It was a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!

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