14 August 2013

New Haircut & Mini Haul ~◔◡◔~

Hey loves!
It hasn't been long since the last post & I haven't finished the review on the eyeliner sealant I had bought last time, but I bought some more stuff!
I also cut my hair!!! It's been about 2-3 months since I've cut/trimmed my hair, so I just... cut it. 

(I recently posted all these pics on instagram)

(L) Before & (R) After
I had my stylist cut my hair straight, since I used to have an A cut bob, it was uneven. I also had her add a bunch of layers & texture to my hair. Before, I didn't really have layers so my hair was flat unless I teased it. Now, voom! It's all fluffy!!! And, I'm sticking w/ side swept bangs for now on.

I'll take more pics once I style it & stuff ^^

I also got my brows waxed. They are thinner than before, but idk if I like them as much as when they were thicker... what do you think?

 Now onto the makeup!
If you follow me on twitter/instagram then you have seen these.

I was very excited when my friend offered to buy/send me the sleep palette eyeshadows. They are not available in the USA & the aqua collection limited edition in Lagoon is all sold out.

Cost was $15 for both + shipping was $20 ♥ Both new & never opened.

Today I bought 2 of Milani's eyeliners. Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner & Liquid Eye Liner, both in 01 Black.

I also bought the Remington Anti-static Ceramic 1 inch Straightener.
It was only for $20 at Walmart! I've heard many good stories about Remington hair styling tools so I decided to get one. The original is purple, but this one is the limited edition one in salmon pink. It came w/ free hair ties.

The monitor is digital, but it only shows bars, rather than the temperature it is set on.

Heat Levels:
1 bar = 310-330
2 bars = 350-370
3 bars = 390-410

That's it for now! See ya next time!


  1. You look so pretty. I like your hair and makeup ^^ love your big dolly eyes <3 I heard good things about Remington hair tools as well. Looking forward to your review ^^


    1. Thank you ♡ You're too sweet!
      Hopefully I'll finish the reviews soon ^^

  2. Great haul! I'll wait for your review about sleek aqua collection limited edition palette ^^ Btw, you're so cute! I really love your eye-makeup <3

    1. Thank you Lalaa ♡
      You're super cute yourself!


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