25 September 2013

Donatella's Tights Haul + Site Review

Hey loves!!! 
So this will be about a site called Donatella's. It is a site that sells plus size tights & thigh highs. Ordering is super fast & easy.

It is located in the UK and I must say that I am going to be a returning customer!!! I love their tights selection & pricing. 

It's so hard to find tights, especially ones like in the pic above. So glad I stumbled upon this site.

SO onto my order...

Ordered: Sept 20th
Received: Sept 24th

Shipping Method: International Tracked Service - 1-2 weeks - Royal Mail International Tracked $8.50

Plus Size Mock Suspender Tights With Large Bows $18.99

Total: 44.48

That to me is very cheap!!! It is so hard to find cute plus size tights like these. I only ordered two to check out how their service & products are.

Shipping: 5/5
FAST!!! I did not expect to receive my tights this fast! Like WOW! For $8.50USD you get tracking so it's worth it. Delighted!

Communication: 5/5
They reply within 24 hours and are kind and sweet.

Quality: 5/5
Sturdy & if taken care of, will last a very long time. The texture is smooth and it's easy to slip on.

 Price: 5/5
I think the price is great!!! Cheap in my opinion.

 Sizes: 4/5
The site claims to cater to sizes XL to 8XL, but after looking on the site and the products.. it only goes to 3XL. *Make sure to look at their size chart! Sizing in the UK is different.

 Satisfaction: 5/5
Very happy! Can't really say anything bad about my experience so far.

 Will I purchase from Donatella's again?
YES!!! I love their selection in tights design and sizes. Am loving these tights. Can't wait to wear them.

 Do I recommend them?
YES. The prices/shipping/quality is great! Why wouldn't I recommend them.

Do check them out & tell me what you liked/disliked. The review is of my opinion and the company/shop has no influences on it.

What do you think???

Thanks for stopping by!

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