28 November 2014

BornPretty Store Black Friday Sale ~

Hey loves!
BornPretty Store is currently having their Black Friday sale on their shop.
Check out their large selection of jewelry and accessories HERE!

The items in the shop is very affordable and there's so much to choose from.
I have personally shopped at BornPretty a couple of times and their service is great!

Whenever there is an issue or question, they always reply with 24-48 hours.

(photos are from the store)

24 November 2014

Q&A Part 01

Hey loves! 

Most of the questions I get asked are either in my faqs post or mixed around in my comment section. To organize them & update, I will just publish different posts with the latest questions asked in a new post & then tag it as Q&A.

I will be doing these not so often & it's going to be random depending on the questions asked.

20 November 2014

[REVIEW] BN Luminous Change Eyelash in Dolly Eye

Hi loves!!!

The review is finally here for these lashes. I was working on it before, but my sis & friends each took a pair to try out so I ran out & didn't get to do a review the first time around.
I finally repurchased them  & now I present you a review!

The model that made these lashes & is on the package is Rumi Itabashi.

Update + New Hair ~~~

Hey loves! 
Again, sorry for the random hiatus. I didn't expect to get caught into anything, but things happened.
I got sunburn on my face and shoulders since about 2 weeks ago... badly.
My face has been peeling and irritated, so I haven't really been wearing much makeup.

Then I had an allergic reaction to meds and things didn't get any better. I am still peeling on my face.
It's gotten better, but it's noticeable even with makeup on, so I am not wearing bb cream/foundation as much or not anymore.

Also, like in the prior post, you guys know that I got 2 new pups added into the family. They very well fitted into the family.