16 November 2013

Surprise Package from My Sister + Mini Rant

Hey loves! Long time no see??? lol. Hope you guys are well!
This is pretty much a quick update on what's been going on/what's coming up.
If you follow me on insta then you'd know, I've been waiting for a package from my older sister.

So excited since I usually always send her stuff... quite surprised that she sent me more stuff this time. Not complaining... just surprised. lol

(click on images to enlargen)

11 November 2013

[REVIEW] My Blog Design

I feel so bad!!! Ugh! I thought I had published this post already!
For some odd reason, some of my posts are not being published even though it says they are.

Alot of people have been asking me & complimenting my blog layout/theme. As you can see it changed a bit. Just a little bit. LOL. 

Sorry Apple, for posting this so late!

 The beautiful & talented Apple of CottonApple made this blog theme/layout for me.
As you can see it is pretty simple & it's actually easier to navigate. Everything is upfront.

03 November 2013

[REVIEW] Beuberry Cherry Pink

Happy late-Halloween!
And yay! November is here!!!!!! It's getting really cold now & I am so happy! I love sweater season!
I actually wanted to post this on Halloween day, but ended up running into some technical difficulties, but if any of you follow me on instagram then it's nothing new ^^
I've become more active on instagram since it's faster & easier than blogging, but no worries... I will keep on blogging.