09 August 2012

Hair Update & Upcoming Event

I went and got my hair bleached today. After 3 months of no dying & no heat & treatment, I decided to stay blonde... My roots had come out about 4-5 inches. I went to a nearby salon that I never knew was there, Kaying Beauty Salon.

Coloring starts at $45 and differs per person.
I also got my brows waxed for $12.

My roots are a dark brown & my old color was a reddish med brown. It took a total of 3 hours to do my hair. Which isn't bad, since my scalp is sensitive and we took many breaks in between.

Cost: $102 + waxing
Hair Length: Med Long, dark, thick hair

The stylist that did my hair was Ariaal. She is sooo nice & funny. Sadly, I can't remember the 3 other stylists that were there. They were really cool & fun. I enjoyed my time spent there.

I was really happy with the service & outcome. Sadly, since I am broke, I was only able to give her a $10 tip. I am totally looking forward to going back. Ariall also gave me her cell # so we can keep in contact. She's a sweetheart ^o^

It's about a 5 or 6 which is dark blonde or light brown.
In order to get some of the red out of the right side, bottom layer of my hair I need to go in again in 2 weeks to tone it again or come back after 2-3 months and touch up the roots as well as bleach it a bit more.

No makeup... click pic to enlarge

I'm actually very happy with this. As you can tell, the pic is way better quality ^^ that's because of my new camera! 
Canon PowerShot S95
Lighting: Bathroom Lighting

(click pics to enlarge)
I also went school supply shopping, didn't buy much since I don't know what I need yet until Aug 13th when school starts.... just bought some pencils, paper, and notebooks :P

But I also bought:

A pair of sunglasses for $15
Top: Taken w/ Canon PowerShot S95
Bottom: Taken w/ Phone - Samsung Mythic

Powder foundation... heard it's pretty good for a drugstore brand.
Top: Taken w/ Canon PowerShot S95
Bottom: Taken w/ Phone - Samsung Mythic

One 'N Only Argan Oil
Restorative Mask - Hair Mask
I heard this is really good & I can't wait to use it!


 Canon PowerShot S95 Black 
click pics to enlarge 

Battery Charger

Also got a:
camera bag
16GB SDHD card
& this SDHD card reader

I will be meeting with Kayo & the local Bay Area Gyarus in SF on Aug 17th -19th. I got the permission from work, school, & parents xD so ready for this!

Now since I have a good digital camera, it means more & better quality photos!!!! Wooo hoo!!!

Not much else I can say...
Thanks for stopping by,
See ya next time!


  1. Ooho, the new colour looks nice - and the price seems quite reasonable! And yay for the new camera ^_^

    1. Thank you ^w^
      It's actually really cheap. It takes at least 2 boxes of dye to do my hair if it were at home & that means I have to use ALOT of bleach. Pus waxing & styling my hair afterwards is only $102 which is an amazing price.
      Thanks! SO happy I got it <3

  2. One week to go! Looking forward to meeting you IRL! I should probably dye my roots. I'm a pudding head, atm. -_- lol

    1. Yessss <3 I look forward to meeting you too! LOL. That's why I had to do my hair... my roots grew out soooo bad! =___= lol


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