24 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임- Day 03 [PIC HEAVY] END

Last day in San Francisco!!!
I didn't want to leave yet! I wanted to do ALOT of shopping and site seeing still.
I missed my doggies, but then again I needed a vacay from my family... 비터스윗

Me w/ no makeup at Starbuck's getting coffee + breakfast


The weather was really cold + cloudy... Made Kayo & I a bit mellow/tired.
We wore no makeup in the beginning then decided to put on some makeup afterwards xD 
LOL.. She told me, "You look so different!" xD LOL
I know that I look alot better w/ makeup than w/out.

LOL... You can see how tired we are.... I look sooo bad >_<
Kayo still looked cute!

We headed out to go to China Town for our last boba tea together + then the fisherman's wharf... but there was a change of plans, we went to the Painted Ladies instead.

We went back to Ten Ren's Tea Time shop. This time instead of Thai Tea we got the Strawberry Teazer ♥ Yummy, but tarty. Good for waking up xD 


On our way to Alamo Plaza where the houses a.k.a the Painted Ladies are.
If you don't know what they are... look them up + Full House (American TV Show)





 There's a park + picnic area here.
The houses are soooo beautifully painted! Kayo & I wished we could buy them.

One of the houses were for sale on this strip 



LOL... There;s a big pink moustache on the rail... can you spot it???  




This burgandy/gold house was for sale! OH how I wish I could buy it!!!! 


LOL... I tried to take a pic of us, but Kayo didn't want me to xD

The burgandy/gold house that was for sale! OH how I wish I could have it!!!!!!!! 




LOL. There was a randon green sofa on the grass.... 


I had a blast hanging out with her! It was such a pleasure to meet her & the other gals. Sadly I couldn't catch lunch with Bouncy. I for sure will go to SF again when I have a chance ♥
To end this series of my SF trip, a paparazzi pic of Kayo ♥
Thank you again ♥
 Thanks for stopping by loves ♥
See ya next time!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Great pictures :) I'm following you now :)


    1. Thank you hun! :)
      I will check out your blog.

  2. You both look good without makeup! I look like a troll without makeup! Hahaha!

    I was so glad to meet you. I hope you come back soon!

    1. Aww thanks Bouncy ^3^ LOL. I'm sure you still look good!

      I was so glad to meet you too <3 I might be able to go see you around November :)


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