15 August 2012

First Week of Fall Semester...

I was a bit nervous since most of my buddies left to a different college or moved away :( but it wasn't as bad. Found some old classmates that I could talk/hang out with.

It's just soooo hot that I've been irritated and getting annoyed by little things. So many issues with the classes, it's barely the 1st week of school.

Originally started with 4 classes but I don't really need one of the classes & I just found it as a waste or money & time... the assignments in the course are so childish & pointless. So, I dropped it & returned my books/supplies that were meant for the class.

Well... I got my travel bag that I ordered! Yay!
It's cute & really big!

Current eye make
I change the bottom lashes depending on the outfit.

Top Lashes: Diamond Lash Angel Eye

My silly faces.... taken w/ my new camera...
you can see all the pores & lil pimples D:

Mini Drugstore Haul:

  • Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Removal (Legs & Body)
  • Tweezers
  • TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray
  • TRESemme Climate Protection - Finishing Spray
  • TRESemme TRES Two Spray - Ultra Fine Mist
  • CLEAR Scalp & Hair Therapy Volumnizing Root Boost Shampoo
  • CLEAR Scalp & Hair Therapy Volumnizing Root Boost Conditioner
  • Revlon Precision Clear Lash Adhesive
  • DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive
  • Milani Nail Lacquer 533 Silver

There was a sale on TRESemme items, 3 for $10
Great deal since each item is around $6.99 or more usually

(I forgot to take pics of the shampoo but it looks the same exact thing as the conditioner... except it's right side up - The conditioner is upside down)

I bought these two lash glues as backup since my Eyemazing Lash glue is about gone... LOL
and I don't have the time to order it for my SF trip, so these will hopefully do :)
Have you guys tried any of these products?

I picked up my Amtrak tickets!!!

Woo hoo! So excited! Am looking forward to meeting everyone & the COOOOOOL weather. lol

Well... that's it for now.
I won't be blogging until I'm back from my trip.
Make sure to follow me on TWITTER for updates :D

Thanks for stopping by. See ya next time!


  1. yay! aww you will enjoy the amtrak ride. i love the train:3

    i love your eye makeup its so on point!

    duo lash glue is great! i brought some with me haha. i never used revlons tho let us know how it works!

    im glad u found familiar faces in class:) well its nice to take a fun class every now and then if you can, but if it felt like a waste, its your money so yeah its good to think like that

    1. I know! I can't wait! I love riding trains. Will be my 2nd time on the amtrak.

      Thank you <3

      I've tried the one in the squeeze tube, but not this one with a brush applicator. I'll make sure to review the lash glues!

      :) I'm happy I did... it's hard to start over. Yeah... after going to the first class meeting... it was just like o_O wth is this class... so I decided to drop it.


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