28 August 2012

Korean Cosmetics Haul ~

Yay!!!!!! Finally a makeup haul!!!!
Alot of my blog readers have been asking about why I recently don't do hauls...here are my reasons:
#1 I Purchase the same things that I do in my older hauls = redundant, so I don't want to bore everyone with me buying the same things.
#2 Money - I've been saving money to pay for school, bills, & other important expenses.
 #3 I've been busy so I haven't really had the time to go find/experiment with new makeup that is in the market... I'm a bit behind on what's currently new in the makeup market

I need products that are great on the go & that especially fits in my school bag... I hate carrying big makeup products around since they bulk up my school bag.

But finally, I decided to order some stuff!!! I know that many people have tried the products I ordered, but products work differently/look differently on different people. So I wanted to try these.

The place I ordered from is Pretty & Cute
I've heard many good things about them & altho I had some order issues, the customer service contacted me within 24 hours & fixed my issues for me. and FAST SHIPPING! They are located in Portland, Oregon. I highly recommend them since they are located in the US & have great customer service. Easily accessible for me, especially since I usually order things through family/friends in Asia, this is easier + faster for me to do :3

- Pic collage I made -

Products I purchased:
(17 products overall)
  • Tonymoly Berry Lovely Girl Eye Primer $11.99/each
  • Holika Holika Mineral Aura Bijue #2 $29.50/each
  • Lioele Pop Tint $13.20/each
    - Cherry Tint
    - Pink Tint
    - Orange Tint
    Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner $8.99/each
    - 07 One Carat Diamond
    - 08 Pink Topaz
    - 09 Gold
  • Lioele Glittering Jewel Liner $9.00/each
    - 03 Jewel Champagne
  • Lioele Real Stick Eyeshadow $11.90/each
    - #1 Light Pink
    - #2 Indie Pink
    - #3 Dark Blue
    - #4 Olive Drab
    - #5 Gold
    - #6 White
    - #7 Expresso
    - #8 Black Stone
I couldn't choose what colors to get in the eyeshadows, so I ordered ALL of them...
I hope they are worth it... I hate buying stuff that I will end up not using.
I heard from some other bloggers that they tend to crease easily, but then others say they are good... so IDK... I'll just try them out for myself.

The products are somewhat expensive... I mean... I spent over $200 even with the discount code.

For discount, use the code "KLOVE10" for 10% discount on Korean products!

For first time buyers, (can only be used once) "JSPECIAL1" for 15% discount on your whole order.
There is also free shipping in the USA for orders $50 and more!

(click pics to enlarge)

Colors of the stick eyeshadows

The products are alot smaller than I expected, except the eyeliners... they are the normal length/size
But I admit, the packaging is soooo darn cute!!! All travel size & fits perfectly in my makeup bag.
With my order,
I received a free hair Velcro holder... thingy xD
Eye Pencil Sharpener &
a free sample of Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Solution

♥ Their business card is sooo pretty & pink!!!!!! ♥

Have you tried any of these products? If you have, please share your experiences!

I will do reviews & show more details about each products in the upcoming posts ^^
Stay tuned! ♥


  1. Thank you for sharing this!
    So are some lovely products ~ <3

    1. No prob hun ^^
      Glad you like.
      Reviews on the products are coming soon ^^

  2. Wow Rina! You bought a lot!
    And they're all so pretty!!!
    Rina's super loaded! $$$

    1. ^^; yeah I bought a bit much xD
      lol hahaha I wish!
      I saved some money in order to get these things!


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