29 July 2012

Mixe Medium Harness & Earrings [REVIEW]

I had asked Ericka Nicole Bueno, the creator/owner of Mixe Medium permission to adjust the harness since it's small on me as well as do a little review on the items.

Recap: These are the prizes that I won from April Fool Romance

Read about it -----> HERE

Each item is handmade by Ericka and are very well made.

Mixe Medium Double Crossed earring set
 Mixe Medium hand harness.

Silver chain colorway, gunmetal finishings, black cross, and hematite chevron beads.

I adjusted the hand harness to fit better around me.
If I'm not wrong, the wrist measurement would be about 6.5 to 7 inches.
Fits small on me because I have big wrists which is about 8 inches.
I just added a few more chain links to the finger loop and to the wrist part.

Quality: ❀❀❀❀/5
  The chains aren't the cheap chains that lose color easily like the ones used for most jewelry. Not sterling silver or surgical steel, but still good quality chains.
The crosses are sturdy and lightweight.
The spike is metal and has a shiny finish.
Hematite chevron beads are heavy, shiny, and of course good quality.

Style/Design: ❀/5
I love the style. There are similar items out there but they are either too cheap looking or tacky.
These are stylish as well as simplistic. They go with many different styles & outfits, making them flexible items for cords.

Fit: ❀.5/5

I gave the rating a 4.5/5 because most bracelets always run small.
It would be great if she gave extra chain links just in case the item(s) are too small.
I don't mind adjusting items as long as I have the supplies, which luckily I had ^w^


Check out Mixe Medium!!!!

Pics of Mixe Medium Collection

Mixe Medium Store
currently under construction
I can't wait til it opens. I want to purchase so many items!

FB Page


DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or in any way affiliated with the company.

What I wrote is from my honest opinion.

Well... thanks for stopping by.
See ya next time!

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