22 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 01 [PIC HEAVY] Part 02

All I can say was 우와!!!! Excitement!!!!
When I got to the hostel & met Kayo, she was so kind as to wait at the hostel for me & show me around the hostel ♥
She is soooo pretty! Envy... I thought it would be hard to talk to her since I'm so awkward when I first meet people, but it wasn't at all!

After introductions and a bit of chit chat we went out to explore SF together. We decided to go to China Town and find Boba Tea ♥♥♥ Kayo really likes boba xD but so do I. 

It was pretty chilly outside... around 50-60 degrees fahrenheit. But I love it!!!! ♥

Fresno is around 100-120 degrees fahrenheit =____=
I prefer SF weather way more than Fresno weather.

Surprisingly I wasn't tired... 48 hours of no sleep & I was still energetic as I could ever be! xD


Very beautiful buildings! Soooo much people... hard to get around the crowds on the sidewalks.
I am totally loving my camera! ♥ Are you loving the HD-ness of the pics? xD I am!
We walked all around China Town for about 5 hours, then when to the department stores in Union Square to find her a cute jacket/sweater. The weather is around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit so it's a bit chilly. I bought 2 really cute bags at Urban Outfitters as well as an ear chain/cuff at H&M.
I love the bags!!!! Perfect of skool or casual dates.

Kayo & I arrived at Ten Ren's Tea Time shop after 1 hour of searching (xD hahahaha it was fun!)
 This tea is soooo pretty!!! IDR what it's called but after pouring hot water in it, the tea blooms!
 I was hesitant about postin pics with me in it... but whatever.
I hate the side views of me. Sooooo bad!!!!! And as you can see, I'm very dark & I have bad skin =___=
 I bought Thai tea & red bean ice teazer for us to try. Both were DELICIOUS!!! 맛있어요! 
She never tried Thai tea before so I'm happy she liked it. Each cup was around $4 USD

 Kayo is soooo cute! <3 Boba tea was our lunch for the day :)
 Selca of us ♥
LMAO!!! The hat was too small for her, but it was sooo cute! ♥ 
This playground became our favorite place in China Town! xD The name is just too funny & cute! 

 Angelic Pretty ♥ & this furniture store was sooooo beautiful inside!!!!
 There was an art show/gallery in the plaza in Union Square so we decided to check it out.
Kayo & I both took pics of the fat pigeons xD We were both like "OMG! They are sooo fat here!"
 The painting of the plum tree & chestnut tree were sooo gorgeous & very detailed! I wanted to buy it... but didn't get to
 These artworks were made of sand & shells! They were just sooo beautiful & amazing. I really wanted this one but it was too expensive!
We went into H&M and I took a pic of us, more like Kayo on the escalator xD
I suck at taking pics...
 We also went into Urban Outfitters (wear I bought my bags) & Forever 21 (Kayo's fav store)

We went back to our hostel to meet up with Bouncy Brown for the evening.
First time meeting Bouncy, & let's just say I really do adore her! So funny, sweet, and a cutie!
She took us to Bloomingdale's. So BIG ^0^ (that's what she said xD bwahahahah, now I have a dirty mind set!)
Fish tank display at the Lamer counter & NARS Orgasm line
We are trying out Benefit's highlighters xD
Food court in Bloomingdale's
For dinner, Kayo & I got gellato. She got the strawberry cheesecake flavor & I got strawberry. 맛있어요! !!!!!!!
We met a cute gentlemen at the food court by the name of Gabriel, who is an entertainer from Oakland. He is sooo cute, funny & kind. Amazing personality + a great sense of style. 

We had so much fun talking to him & his mother. I hope that when I have a son, he's like Gabriel.
(inside joke) only 5 of us know about this xD
♥ ♥ ♥To end the night we went for a little karaoke,  stroll, and chatted at Starbucks ♥ ♥ ♥
Had an amazing first day in SF ♥

Dayo 02 & 03 coming soon!!!!!


  1. This is so nice Rina!
    Your blonde hair is so WOW! Gosh..
    And I love your buys! (OwO)
    I want to go to SF too! I wish I live in America! (TT^TT)

    1. Thankies Erika <3
      Maybe I shud keep this blonde? xD
      I'm loving these bags <3 Been using them to skool.
      I wish you could come to Cali <3 I would soooo love to hang out!


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