21 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 01 [PIC HEAVY] Part 01

안녕 lovelies!!!! 잘 지내셨어요? How are you?
(I'm still a bit tired from the trip & fun, so if I sound a bit off ... that's why)
Sad that I had to leave :(

The San Francisco Gal Meet was fun & I met many amazing gals. All so pretty & with cool personalities. When I was on the train I couldn't stop saying 우와! = Oooh wahhh! at everything.

The scenery is beautiful & when I got to SF, I loved the weather. Some of the buildings were very pretty.

I will post pics & stuff that happened in order, one day at a time so that I don't getthings all mixed up xD lol.

My trip is Friday, August 17th to SF but I couldn't sleep at all on that Thursday... So I just stayed up & looked through all the things I packed to see what I really needed for the trip.

I left to the Amtrak station at 5:50am to get there by 6:30am since the train departs at 6:50am. It's about a 4 hour trip. 3 hours by train & the rest by bus. But it's worth it!

There was a minor delay. I was supposed to be in SF by 11:30am but got there at 12pm which isn't bad since I also had a bit of trouble finding the hostel xD Luckily a nice lady took me to it. So kind of her.
My Makeup (taken at 2am or 3am in the morning)
I didn't put in my lenses yet.
My makeup w/lenses (4am)

As you can see, I look different depending on the angle of the pic taken...
It get's worse... I look bad in the group photos... (coming soon)
Pics of the scenery before getting to SF

I took every picture with my Canon PowerShot s95 ♥ AM soooooo happy with the quality of the photos ♥

These are pics I took on my way to San Francisco as well as some things I saw when I arrived. SF is 4 hours away from Fresno, so you can see why I took so many pics... it's interesting what you see when you you drive there or use public transportation ... rather than by plane.

* I am going to keep the posts somewhat short since there are alot of pics...
3 day trip will be cut up into at least 6-8 posts. *

♥ Amazing/Beautiful scenery! ♥
More pics & stuff coming up in Part 02 of Day 01 :)


  1. Looks like a very fun trip. I love your eye makeup.

    1. Thank you. It was fun & a very scenic trip :)


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