23 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 02 [PIC HEAVY] Part 02

Japan Town!!!!!!!
We went to PikaPika, of course, to take some purikura! Woo hoo!
Sophia & Taylor decorated the group puri.
 I'm such a derp face! xD We had sooo much fun tho ♥
(took these photos from Sophia :P)

Purikura Kayo & I took XD soooo funny! We copied the poses the models did instead of doing out own LOLZ.
We checked out some of the shops around Japan Town.
I had Thai Tea, Ammarie had Taro, & Monica had Matcha w/Boba
So yummy!!!!!!!!!
♥ Group pics!!!! ♥
(I wore my coach sneakers, my feet were in so much pain from the day before.... LOL)
Dinner... I ordered too much =______= I didn't finish it. 
Lolz at Angie's face xD ♥ Everyone together ♥

End of Day 02
Day 03 - Final day in SF is coming soon!


  1. Japan town looks super fun! Looks like you and the other gals had a great time :)

    1. It is fun, but small. I hope they expand it.
      Yeah we had alot of fun <3 Hope to meet up with them again :)

  2. It was so fun hanging out IN REAL LIFE, not just on facebook!! Hahaha! The meet went really well, I thought!

    YOu took so many photos! Yaay!

    1. Hahaha IKR! I think it did go well! We all had fun, laughed, & enjoyed ourselves.

      LOL. I did take alot of pics didn't I? xD


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