23 August 2012

샌프란시스코 ギャル 모임 - Day 02 [PIC HEAVY] Part 01

Day 02
Meeting up with the San Francisco gals! Kayo & I were soooo excited!
The meet wasn't until 12pm @ Bloomingdale's food court. I had woken up super early... and decided to go out for breakfast. Kayo wasn't awake nor ready yet, so I went by myself :)
It was 6am xD I was up around 4am... lol
 Cafe Mason was my destination xD
Alot of people (strangers) recommended this restaurant to me.
LOL @ the waiter that turned around & smiled right as I snapped this photo.
 Beautiful interior! Very lovely, somewhat romantic, but casual.

 Breakfast: chicken omelette, wheat toast, fruit bowl, & orange juice.
Was delicious & very light. Cost was around $14. Not bad since it was a good size meal.

 Then I went back to the hostel to get ready, put in my lenses & fix my makeup.
As I walked back to the hostel, I took some random pics of the buildings nearby, again xD
Weather was beautiful, 60 degrees fahrenheit + sunshine
 Taken inside the hostel in the lobby... 
There's a bulletin board (bottom left) w/addresses of good places to eat, hangout, party nearby.
Kayo & I arrived early @ Bloomingdales's since we are like 3 blocks away from it xD
We sat around, chatted, snapped pics, & fixed out makeup as we waited for Bouncy & the other gals.

Random shots of the gals & street XD as we were walking to Macy's

Here we are at the Macy's food court camwhoring. LOL
♥ Elizabeth & Erica ♥ Gorgeous gals!
(yes, the pink/blonde is Erica's real hair! Beautiful!)
♥ Sophia & Bouncy ♥ 
So pretty!!!! Beautiful smiles ^^
 Kayo's & my clam chowder bread bowl. It was her first time trying clam chowder & she ♥ it!
It was sooo big. The 2 of us couldn't finish it... I don't know how some people can eat this by themselves. LOL
 Monica & Ammarie came a bit later, after we ate lunch. LOL... I should have edited myself out of this pic xD Aren't the gals adorbs? 
 Sophia trying to sneak a paparazzi shot of us xD I caught her tho xD
 All the gals together. Kayo was interviewing all of us of how we got into gyaru.
 Another selca of us.... lol... I look like crap but Kayo is just too cute/pretty so I had to post this.
Taylor, like OMG! Isn't she beautiful?????? ♥ 
 ♥ Monica & Ammarie!!!!!!! ♥ kyaaaa!!!! My 2 동생! ♥
Decided we needed to do a little photoshoot xD
#1 Casual/normal
 #2 Silly, but oh so cute!
#3 GANGSTA xD hahahaaha I  ♥ this pic!
 ♥ All of the SF gals together ♥
 Took this pic at the top floor of Macy's.
 LOL. Random shot but Monica, Ammarie, Erica, & Taylor saw it coming xD
(right) Models on the 6th floor were dancing... there was some sort of event going on.
 Sophia is so adorbs

random dog... but sooooo darn cute!
It was windy, so my hair got all messed up >.>
Everyone is soooo pretty and nice! So much camwhoring xD
We had sooo much fun!

Want more????!!!!!
Part 2 coming soon!

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