01 March 2014

[REVIEW] i.Fairy Super Crystal Brown & Blue

Base Curve   8.6mm
Diameter   16.2mm
Water Content   55%

Color: 5/5
As you can see in the pics above & below, the lenses are fairly noticeable, but not alien-ish or over dramatic. I wasn't expecting them to be as bright since most pics online of these lenses are photoshopped or the bloggers that have these lenses, have light eyes or their pictures are overexposed so it looks super vibrant, when it's not.
I have to say that, I love the blue ones! ♡

Design: 4/5
Simple, they have the natural spikes that makes up the iris of the eyes, like most lenses. They are noticeable, but not freakish or scary. Nothing special, so I give it a 4 because they really don't stand out much in comparison to other lenses with the same design.

Comfort: 4/5
Very comfortable for me, for up to 6 hrs. After that, my eyes feel tired & strained, with contact drops, they would last longer & more comfortably.

Enlargement: 5/5
These are large lenses, 16.2 mm
They give you that dolly effect without looking to freakishly huge. I have been wearing these lenses the most this month (February). Makeup is a must with these lenses, because of their size & color/design.

I like both lenses, although I prefer the blue ones the most. I'm thinking about getting the other colors once I start running out of lenses to wear. The blue lenses really stand out with my black hair & dark eye makeup so it's perfect for me. Both are suitable for my everyday makeup, they also look nice with more natural or neutral eye makeup.

What do you think?
Do you like these lenses?

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