18 March 2014

[REVIEW] Diamond Beauty Diamond Nose Makeup - Dolly

So here's another review for you today!
This time it's on a contour palette by Diamond Beauty.
I have the palette in Dolly which is darker than the other palette, Princess.

I bought this because it was small & I think it's nice to have a separate palette for nose contour since my face contour palette is dark.

If you are interested in how this product works, keep on reading!
The package comes with a simple "how to" diagram on the back.
The palette comes in 3 shades. A tan/sand, taupe, and off white/somewhat peach highlighter.

The taupe & tan shades are matte. The highlighter has very little shimmers in it. They aren't noticeable when applied.

The palette also come with a mini brush on the side.
The packaging is very simple. Clear front with the name & logo. The back/bottom it a sheen black.

✔ Small, travel size. Will fit into small cosmetic bags/pouches.
✔ Versatile, can be used for nose, face, eyes, or brows
✔ Comes with a small soft brush
✔ 2 shades which gives you the option to choose how dark/deep you want your contour to be
✔ Easy to find
✔ Lasts a long time

*Price is affordable, but I think Diamond Beauty's prices were raised...*

✘ Can break if dropped or thrown around
✘ Brush is quite small...
✘ Only 1 brush
✘ The shades are fit for skin-tones light to light tan. Any darker, the shades might to show up on.

I have to say that I really like the palette. It's perfect for my skin-tone (nude beige).
I alternate depending on my makeup that day. If I want a lighter nose contour, I use the taupe shade. If I want a deeper/darker contour, I use the tan/sand shade. I also use the shades to draw in my brows. I use the highlighter on my nose, under my eyes, on my brow bone, my chin, and my lip area. There is shimmer in the highlighter, but the glitters are not big so they are not visible. You can use the palette as the instructions recommend or your way. I love the size of this. It fits in my Jetoy Choo Choo cat makeup bag & I can take it with me if I need touch ups. The brush is a bit small & it's not firm so I just use it for the highlighter. I use a small blending brush when using the contour shades.

I've been using this palette since I received it!
Recommend? Yes. If you are looking for a travel size palette.
Repurchase? Yes. 

What do you think?
What do you use for contour & highlighting? 
Is there a certain brand or product you prefer? What is it?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I always wondered about contouring but I suck so much at putting on makeup most of the time, heh. You have an ESPECIALLY cute blog by the way!


  2. @Bambi: Thank you ♡ It took me a lot of practicing before I found my way of contouring. I think it just takes more time to get used to doing it all the time ^^


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