21 February 2014

ღ New Tattoo!!! ღ

So..... I got my tattoos that I've been wanting!!!
It took a lot of thinking, as well as not much... idk how to explain it. So happy I finally got to get them!

These tattoos carry alot of meaning to me.
Left Arm: "On Se Retrouve Sous Le Ciel"
meaning - let's meet under the sky again
Right Arm: 약속해
meaning - promise

A little background of how these came to be on me.
My grandfather, who was a big part of my life wrote these in a letter before he passed away in 2003. He was a wise and amazing old man a.k.a 버지 Beoji (I never called him 할아버지). He was always a big part of my life and was always by my side. He always gave me strength when I had trouble in school or with my siblings and parents. Being dyslexic, school was fairly hard. I wasn't given a helping hand. I had to push myself to get through everyday, but luckily 버지 was always there for me. With his words of encouragement, he would say a quote, either from him or from other people. 버지 used to live in Fougeres, France before he met my grandmother and married her. He was quite the romantist. lol. But he's teach me bits of French, here and there. Because of him, I adore the French language and I want to go live there. 

Before he fell ill & was in the hospital, he wrote a letter. One that touched my soul.. All words of encouragement and hope that will help push me through when he was gone. I also had a feeling that he wasn't going to come back out of the hospital. The letter was filled with all the words he used to tell me when I had a rough time. He wrote most of it in Korean and he ended with the quote, "On Se Retrouve Sous Le Ciel" which, til this day has always tugged at my heart. I was about 11-12 years old at the time, so I didn't quite understand what it meant or what had happened, but now that I've gotten older, I can feel and see how much he adored me.

The second tattoo, 약속해, was also a part of the letter and a thing between us. He taught me the value of promises. He was the one that told me " You are your words master before speaking, but the words are your master after being spoken". As a child, I would take promises and what people said very seriously. I still do. Though it seems childish, everyone I make a promise with, I do the pinky swear, seal it, and hold it dear to my heart. I promised 버지 that I would keep looking forward and no matter how tough things get, I will push on forward. When things get tough, I always look back at what he's done and what he's told me. I can't say enough about how this man has given me. 버지 passed away at about 100-something years old. I'm not sure since he lost his birth certificate ages ago, but he was alive when Teddy Roosevelt was president. So, he was quite the old man, eh? lol.

(it's not crooked... it's just that it's on my inner arm so it's hard to position it)

A little fyi: 버지 was the one that taught me cursive, although my handwriting is still... not so great -sigh- My cursive looks like a doctor's signature >.> I really need to work on my penmanship!

Oh! A little random fact, Did you know, many schools now are not teaching cursive??? How sad! Cursive is so pretty (when written well).
Another random fact, Haneul = Ciel = Sora... so the quote is perfect... to me at least.

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  1. You have really beautiful tattoos! I really, really love how simple they are. Perfect! And haha sorry I've been all over your blog in like the past ten minutes. K bye XOXO


  2. @Bambi: Thank you ♡ lol. It's ok, I love reading comments ^.^


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