16 March 2014

[REVIEW] BN Microfiber Nudy Eyelid Tape

Hey loves!

So here is another review for you! 
I get many questions from people about double eyelids (쌍꺼풀) & eyelid tape.

FYI: I do not use eyelid tape/fiber or have ever had eye surgery. My double eyelids are natural. I don't know how many times I've had to say that. People always assume I've had surgery...

I thought this would be a good purchase & product to play with.
If you are interested, please keep on reading.

I already have double eyelids, but as you can see, the fiber can make your eyelids thicker & eyes look bigger.

✔ Natural looking
✔ Very flexible
✔ Can be easily found online
✔ Stretches up to 8cm to accommodate any eye size/shape
✔ Not noticeable unless you are staring at it up close
✔ Does not weigh down the eyes
✔ Fairly cheap. I think got these for around $3

✘ Can be hard to use
✘ Can easily rip if pulled too much
✘ Scary since you have to use scissors to cut the ends off

To remove: just use eye makeup remover on a cotton swab or pad to soak it and gently rub it off, like how you would usually remove makeup

DO NOT try to rip it off... you'll end up hurting you eyes

The fiber was fairly hard to apply at first & you can easily end up wasting them. I wasted 2 pairs before I was able to create the shape I wanted. It's also kind of scary since you have to use scissors to cut off the ends, then use the pink applicator to push your eyelid into the desired crease shape. It's not as scary as it seems though. It also doesn't hurt. Just have to be careful when using the scissors.

I really like these fibers. they aren't as easy to use as eyelid tapes, but this method is better if you want a more natural look.

Recommend? Yes, give these guys a little try!
Repurchase? Maybe, I don't really need them. lol

Hope you guys liked this review.
Do you guys prefer the eyelid tape, fiber, or the liquid version?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. where did you buy it?

  2. @Anonymous: Sorry I don't remember where I bought it, but I'm sure you can easily find it online if you searched for BN Microfiber Eyelid tape.


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