23 March 2014

[REVIEW] Jetoy Choo Choo Cat Pouches & Card Holder

Hey lovely's! 
So a while back ago, I received the wallet as a b-day present & ordered 2 pouches.
I was actually debating if I should review these or not, & was like... Wth?! Why not?
It's late, really late, but better than never, right? 

For those that do not know what Jetoy is, here are some facts.
Jetoy is a:
- Korean Brand
- The logo/mascot is a cat
- Originally a stationary brand, but makes purses, wallets, t-shirts, etc.
- Lovely prints
- For the cat-lovers
- Have lots of cute themes like famous paintings & fairy tales
- Also had dog/puppy print called LALALADOG
- If you want to know more, just click on the word "Jetoy" above & it'll direct you to the site

If you are interested, please keep reading!
So, the first one I'm going to review is on the wallet/card holder!

Play Choo Choo Hologram Credit Card Holder in Wonderland


Wallet size
12 pages + 2 side folders = fits up to 14 cards/pictures
Has a rubber band to close it
Holographic, so depending on the angle you are looking, it's moving 
Comes in a variety of themes (there's also red riding hood & snow white, etc)


Detail on this is amazing & it's just super cute!!! I love the bunny!
 (inside - on the sides)

I really adore this card holder. I'm the type that rarely has cash & always uses my cards, so the size & design of this is very convenient. The different themes that are available are also a plus ^.^ I'm thinking of getting the other ones for keeping my pics in them. The reason I gave this a 4/5 is because it's kind of flimsy(?) If you tend to just shove this in your pockets, there is a chance you can rip it/bend you cards. Protection wise, it's not the best. If the front & back were hard, like other card cases/holder, I think it would have been perfect. Other than that, I don't really have anything I dislike about it.

Choo Choo UPGRADE Bang Bang Pouch in Red Hood

 There are 2 different sizes for this series of pouches (mini, large)
Other characters/themes available (wonderland, flower, etc)
Size: 20.5cm x 12cm x 7cm
Material: Polyester, PVC
Easy to clean
Large enough to fit most of my everyday makeup
Zipper Closure
Kitty mascot/logo is on the zipper tab

(excuse the dirtiness of the inside, I cleaned it after taking the pics. lol)

I have to say that this pouch is very cute! The details on this is also very good.
The pouch is fairly stiff so it will stay standing up unless the weight of the things inside are very unbalanced. It's also very easy to clean!!! I use this as a makeup pouch so, you know how easily things can go wrong right? I don't know if you noticed, but in the first pic, there were permanent marker scribbles on it... *sigh* can't get those off sadly, but I can easily wash off the marks made by my makeup. It is large enough to stuff with makeup, but it's also small enough to carry everywhere. It can be used as a wallet or pencil bag, whatever you want to use it for.

Choo Choo Cat Flat Pouch in Romantic

 There are 3 different sizes for this series of pouches (mini, medium, large)
Other characters/themes available (red riding hood, gamy, etc)
Size: 72.8cm x 49.2cm
Material: Poly, Artificial leather
Easy to clean
Great to use as wallet, makeup pouch, or pencil bag
2 Zipper Closures/Compartments
Kitty mascot/logo is on the zipper tab

Pretty, right? When I saw this, I just had to get it. It was so lovely. The cat has 2 different colored eyes, the background, and the flowers ♡♡♡ Super girly. What I really like about this pouch is that it has 2 pockets. I put my pencils & pens in the main pocket, and my card holder in the front pocket. It's thin and perfect to use as a wallet or wristlet. So you can easily carry this around. The downside to this is the fabric it's made of. It can easily get dirty & stained. If there is a mark, it may be forever. So that's why I gave this a 4/5. Other than that, I adore this pouch as much as the above products I reviewed.

So what do you think about Jetoy's Choo Choo Cat series???
Cute or too much?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. AHHH so cute! I like the rabbit on the card holder too. I guess it was made for gentle people, but I'd totally not be rough with something that cute. And I ultra extra love the Red Riding Hood pouch. Fairytales are so whimiscally beautiful <3


  2. @Bambi: Right? I just am in love with these! Yes, it is. I am a bit rough at times depending on how tired I am, but this baby has survived. LOL
    I love fairy tale themes and these are whimsical to have!


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