28 March 2014

New Handbag + Torrid Haul + MAC Lipsticks ♡

Hey lovely's! 
How are things?
Today, I finally got to meet up & hang out with 2 of my friends A & L.
It's been over a year since we've seen/actually talked to each other. Super excited & was super fun! We went out to eat, then to the mall nearby.

The shop we headed for was Torrid!!!
As a plus size gal, Torrid is truly one of the best places to shop at locally. They offer a decent range of plus size clothing and accessories.

I bought a pretty good amount... about $400. LOL
I haven't really gone clothes shopping in a while & so many things were on sale, like panties & bras, so I had to grab some.

Oh yeah... look at all these Haute Cash I earned. LOL

If you're interested, please keep on reading!

Before I present you with the haul, I purchased a new bag for school... I don't really carry much, except for a notebook, so no backpack or large tote is needed.

Original Cost: $128.00
Purchased for: $96.00
So lucky there was a sale on the day I went!
The bag is so pretty & cute in person!
It's available in 4 colors: pink gloss (the one I have), black, stone, & white

Now onto my Torrid Haul!
Isn't it cute???!!! I am usually afraid of certain prints, but I decided to get this dress... tried it on & it was fairly flattering. Can't wait to wear it.

 Also got this dress. It's gorgeous in person! Has bright colors & skulls!
Love this print!
I got this dress half off, so it was around $30

I also purchased this denim jacket. I really wanted one & it just happened to be that they had this. A great jacket that can be used in so many outfits, casual or dressy.

My friend saw this vest & told me to try it on. After seeing it, I was sold! This vest is totally me! Summer is coming up & it gets so hot, but I like wearing black so... this is great! It was also on sale 50% off so of course I bought it.

I also bought some undergarments... Idk about you, but it's so hard to find comfortable bras for bigger chest sizes. Especially ones that are good quality & cute.

There was a sale so I purchase 4. Each, individually were $38-$50, which is actually decent. Bigger bra sizes can get really expensive!

There were a bunch of cute panties for sale... so of course I grabbed a few...
Original Price is $12.50/each

Summer is coming up & a necessity I need is sandals.
Found 2 pair I liked & could wear with my dresses or any other outfits ^^

 If there wasn't a sale + membership discount... all these products would have easily been over $500, closer to $600, so I did pretty good.

On the way out of the mall, we stopped by MAC and I purchased 2 lipsticks.
I love purple so of course I purchased a purple lipstick (Up the Amp).
I always wanted to try orange lips so I tried out the orange shades that were available & ended up getting So Chaud. 

Can't wait to play around with these lipsticks, especially the orange one.
Orange seems like such a pretty color, especially for summer.

And to end this post, a pic of the makeup I wore today, when I went out.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Rue21, Charlotte Russe and wet seal sell panties way cheaper. You should look there too. But omigawsh I wish I could go shopping like you!!

  2. @Tofu Dachi: Thanks for telling me. These were actually very cheap with my membership, lol. I don't go shopping often... too many bills to pay :(


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