08 March 2014

[REVIEW] EyemazingxZipper Ayamo Rock Type A - No. 803

Hiiiiiii! Long time no see! Hope you guys are doing well!
I usually don't ever do lash reviews, but that's changing. I'll be working on more reviews this year.

Finally got done taking pics for these lashes! Ayamo looks so pretty on the packaging ♡

Band: These lashes are black with a clear band. 
(TIP: Because the band is clear, use a gel liner to go over the band to blend better before applying them on the eye)

They are very flexible and easy to work with, so beginners can easily use these. They are great for everyday makeup. You can use them to create a droopy eye look or a natural look depending on how you want to apply them.

They are long spikes, but lack volume. So if you like lashes that are thick & more voluminous, then you will have to double up on these.
I've got people telling me how envious they are of my lashes (lol), and when I tell them that these are falsies, people are just astonished. 

 Adds length
Looks natural
Flexible band
Comes in individual lash storage (the plastic they come in)

 After a couple of uses, they become flimsy
The hairs can easily be messed up if not stored correctly
May be too natural for others
A bit shiny (just brush some translucent powder on it to make it matte)
Not voluminous

I really like these lashes and have been wearing them a lot for the past month. They can be worn alone without bottom lashes without making the eye makeup look too much or off balanced.  I gave the lashes a 4.5 because I would have loved them if there were thicker spike in the middle to make the lashes look a bit more fuller. They also do not last as long. If you are careless when using lashes, then these can easily get damaged. I messed up some hairs on a pair already :( But all in all, I love wearing these lashes. If you add a bit of mascara to them, you can easily make them look thicker & fuller.

Recommend? YES! I recommend these to everyone. I think these lashes will go great with many different styles.

 Here are pics of my makeup with the lashes on. I have been doing very minimal with my makeup, as you can see...

What do you think?
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