17 March 2014

[REVIEW] Style & Noble Cosme Gorgeous Line Tape

Hey lovely's! So I'm back with a review.

This time it's about these eyeliner stickers... Truthfully, I was a bit hesitant on buying them. I prefer drawing on my liner, but I thought these might be handy when I am too tired or lazy to do my eye makeup.

 1st Impression was so-so. They weren't as useful as I hoped...
If you are interested, keep on reading!
The pack comes with 3 sheets, each having 5 pairs

As you can see, the wing is rounded. I personally prefer my wings sharp & edgy.
The stickers are also pretty thick.

There are perforations on the plastic paper so you can easily remove the eyeliner stickers like in the above picture.

✔ Great for quick/simple eye makeups
✔ Easy to use - just peel off paper & stick it on
 Can customize shape/size by cutting it, since it's paper
✔ Creates a crease if you don't have one, may be good for those with monolids
✔ Cheap & easy to find


✘ Not very flexible, stiff,  it doesn't work with the curvature of the eyelid
✘ Inner corner will not stay on
✘ Looks way too fake, very noticeable
✘ Feels heavy, weighs down the eyelids
✘ Doesn't last throughout the day, for lasting power you have to use eyelash glue
✘ The bottom of the sticker which is touching the lash line tends to stick out


This is the lowest score I have ever given to any product. The cons outweigh the pros for this. The sticker doesn't stick on as well as they should, they start to peel off on their own. They also do not fit right, even when I cut them thinner. The paper is quite stiff. It's really noticeable even when I had a lot of eye makeup on. If you wear false eyelashes like I do, then these are a no go. The lashes will not stick to these... they will come off along with the sticker. 

I will try playing with them to see if I can get them to work... if not, I'll probably toss these.

Recommend? No... I think these are a waste of money, even though they are cheap
Repurchase? No

What do you think?
Have you tried eyeliner stickers before?

Thanks for stopping by!

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