23 November 2012

Diamond Lash Angel Eye & Sweet Eye

Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!!!!!
These lashes go great with many styles of dramatic eye make up, but I decided to keep it simple with light smokey eyes.

I've been so stressed out lately, as you can see my ugly pores & crappy skin
I scratched myself right by my eyebrow piercing & now there's a bump there, but thank goodness!!! It's GONE now! I thought it was an infection. It lasted only that day... phewwwww!

Lenses: EOS Ice in Grey & Green
Foundation: Missha & Banila Co. BB Cream (mixed together)
Primer: Benefit Porefection
Eye Liners: Holika Holika (Gold/Silver), Lioele Gel Liner (Black), Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (Black)
Lips: NYX Nude Paach Fuzz
Blush: Lioele Baby Pink
Eyeshadows: NYX 10 color palette
Contour/Brows: Shiseido Integrate Brow Palette
Brow Concealer: Diamond in Caramel Brown 02

I really like this combo!!! I wore these lashes together or about a week together. Usually I don't wear lower lashes because they often mean I have to line my bottom lash line. Depending on the eye make it can make my eyes smaller of too dark.

lol... camwhore time!

Sometimes the Angel Eye lashes don't show up well in pics. I have to push up on them when I put them on for them to stay curled up.

Left: You can actually see my nose contouring, but my blush doesn't really show up :/


I wore my colorful polka dotted sweater & the jeweled bear ear doodlebands with this look.

Truthfully, I feel somewhat awkward taking pics now, since my hair is short.I'm unable to hide my big cheeks >.>

The Sweet Eye Lower lashes can kind of be a pain.
As you can see, there are 4 individual pieces that make up the lower lashes.
They are also fairly LONG, but I'm really liking them.
They are very light.

Sweet Eye Lower Lashes
Pros: Easy to put on because it's separate
Thin, clear bands
Cons: You can easily loose 1 or 2 pieces of the lashes
Can easily be ruined if you have rough hands
Fairly long... depending on makeup, it can be too much

Angel Eye Upper Lashes
Pros: Long & Voluminous
Thin, clear band
Easy to put on
Cons: Can easily be ruined if you have rough hands
The edges of the lashes can become tangled or tattered if not taken care of

I think the cons are a catch with most lashes. I'm a bit rough at times, but I've never ruined any of the lashes. They are pretty tough.

As you know, Angel lashes are one of my favorite lashes & I wear them quite often.
I am still experimenting with the bottom lashes. I will be uploading more pics with the Sweet Eye lower lashes with other top  lashes :)

What do you gals/guys think?


  1. I been meaning to buy those lower lashes ever since kuro gal caught my attention but I was always concerned about whether or not they'd look too long for my regular eye make up for not. Have you tried doubling up your lashes to make them not stand out as much? Idk...maybe that would help I'm guessing. If it does, or if you find another technique that works for you please let us know ^ ^ I'd like to try it!

    1. Doubling up the bottom lashes? I've tried that but it's way tooooo dramatic. It felt like I was doing some type of cosplay xD lol. I'd be happy to share my techniques to make these lashes work better :D

  2. I do understand you on the big cheek part = =;
    It's the same with me that's why I always want to keep my side hair long.

    The lashes are cute tho,I really wish they would sell it here also.

    1. = =' it sucks right?
      I cut my bangs recently tho xD

      Ikr! I hope Thailand gets a japanese cosmetic store soon!

  3. I have the angel eyes - they are soooo long! Hehe, I always have to push them up too~

    Woah, the sweet lashes are really dramatic! I have the feminine ones, and they can be easily ripped too.

    1. Yes they are! But I love them!

      Yes, i love how dramatic they are tho <3 I easily mess them up.

  4. I've been thinking on getting angel eyes and sweet eye for awhile. I think they work for you despite being really long ^^
    I know how you feel about the short hair >< I needed extra time to style it so it would cover my round cheeks.

    1. ^^ I personally really like them & find them easy to work with.
      >< Yeah, same here. It takes me a while to style it.


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