02 November 2012

October - Fresno Fair Part 01

I was meaning to do this post since the beginning of October, but I was so busy and h there was just so many pics I had to sort through, but I finally got to it.

I went to the Fresno Fair w/ my friends and family. We don't buy much, just look at the attractions and get some food. There were not that many attractions... It was still fun and exciting tho.
It's been so long since I went to any fair!

We went over to the Discovery exhibit where there were a few animals on display.

It was pretty cool at the amount of animals they actually had.

Tho, I kinda feel bad for them... i mean... they didn't have much space and it must have been quite stressful for them.
Peacock & peahen
Some critters.... ewwwww cockroaches! 
Centipedes & soft shell turtle
Iguanas & tarantula
Snakes & frogs
Tegu Lizard... I really want one!!!!!!!!!!

Chameleon & Snake
The tortoises decided to mate....  well.... yeah
Hedgehogs!!!!!!! So cute! Sadly they were asleep/drugged up :/
 .... that's it for now. There will be a part 02 coming up soon ^.^
Hope you enjoyed all the pics of animals :)
Thanks for stopping by!
See ya next time!


  1. Aww, the hedgehogs are cute - even if they are asleep all balled up~
    It's been ages since I went to a fair!

    1. Same here... I felt like I was sooo old when I went... so nostalgic. It surely made me miss the old day :)


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