28 January 2013

Update, Haul, & Gauging!

Hey loves!!!
I know it's been a long time since I last blogged. There's been so much going on with school, work, & family.
How have you gals/guys been? Good I hope.

Alot has happened since I last blogged. There were some technical issues that effected all the comps in the house & my desktop + laptops crashed... I lost the pics I had taken/saved... So I might not end up doing reviews on the products I got in my last haul... SORRY!

Last post I had my eyebrow ring, but I don't have it anymore... It's not very professional & I just got tired of it >.> I started gauging my ears instead. Can't be seen unless I pull my hair back/do an updo.

My ears are 18g/16g, I started with a 12g & I'm currently on 8g. I started around January 13th-19th. Can't really remember... I decided to go to 2g maybe up to 0g... But I think 2g is big enough. lol

I just bought these. 2 pairs of black tapers then I will get to wear my sparkly pair of gauges.
The black tapers were $16 and the rhinestone gauges were $20. I bought them at my friend's tattoo shop.

I also did a bit of shopping w/ my sis for some cute/edgy clothing items.
I bought 2 pairs of black harems & I am really loving this black/white cross pattern blouse! Can't wait to wear it when it get's a bit warmer... it's still really cold.

Harems: $26/each I bought 2
Cross Pattern Top: $18

I also bought some lace lined camis in grey, pink, black, & white. those are the main colors I wear. And a super cute cross patterned tank top. The back part of the tank top is longer & I love it.

Camisole: $5/each
Cross Asymmetric Top: $15

My sis got me these lovely pairs of Lavender/Purple Pastry High top shoes. These are super cute! I wore them today & got so many compliments! They have a quilted pattern on the sides/tongue of the shoes & hounds-tooth pattern on the inside.
I also got this beige lace chiffon blouse. It's super simple, but adds an elegant touch to my wardrobe. I can't wait till the weather gets a bit warmer... Altho I love winter, I'm looking forward to the warm sun.

Pastry High Tops: I think around $49.99
I'm not sure. They are usually in the $50 and up price range.

AND here is a pic spam!!! LOL... my makeup hasn't changed much.
And even better news, I get my braces off soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your make up looks cute but I think maybe long hair would suit it better,like...a curly one.
    I'm kidda your you'd look very sweet :D

    I'm going on a shopping spree one i got my salary also.

    1. Thank you Sana! I'm trying to not cut my hair anymore. I want to have long hair again.

      I still need to buy jackets LOL. Can't wait to see your haul.

  2. I am so envious of those lavender high tops of yours :o very nice haul :)

    1. Thank you Crystal! I didn't think too much of them when my sister told me she bought them for me until I saw these & wore them. So happy w/these. Hopefully I can get same style but different colors/designs.

  3. Love that asymmetric cross hi-lo top! It's really cool!
    And those lavender high tops are so cute! Hehe, your sister has good taste ^^

    Having your comps crash and losing all the photos sucks T_T

    1. Thanks hun! ^^ My sister knows exactly what I like. lol. Except she tends to add her style into some of the items she gets for me.

      Yeah it does... Now I know to keep extra copies of pics in other harddrives.


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