09 November 2012

A Lil' Makeup Haul o(≧▽≦)o

Finally! It's been soooo long since I've had a haul! It's because I really don't buy much nowadays... I have alot of clothes that I've never worn & I want to try to use them... I need to save money anyways. My b-day is coming up & I want to go w/ my friends on a little trip & SHOP. lol
But it didn't stop me from purchasing these items when I saw them! I wanted some Jewerich,  Chocola Co, Jumily, more Eyemazing lashes but they had run out or had designs I don't like and I don't like Toujours, Dolly Wink lashes... so yeah... Most of the items I bought are from Diamond.

Items I bought:
✩ Diamond Lash Series 2 No. 5 Princess Eye
✩ Diamond Lash Volume Series No. 3 Celebrity Eye
✩ Diamond Lash Series 2 No. 3 Angel Eye
✩ Diamond Lash Series 3 No. 7 Baby Eye
✩ Diamond Eyebrow Concealer No.2-Caramel Brown
✩ [2] Diamond Lash Series 2 - No.4 Sweet Eye
✩ [2] Diamond Eyelash Fixer
✩ Eye Love Matsuge Extra Fixer
✩ Jumily Double Eyelash Case (Flag)
✩ Eyelash Laboratory Sexy Doll 002
✩ Eyemazing No. 501
✩ oh... and GATSBY

I bought a bit too much.... didn't I??? he...he...he
The pictures are not as great as other pics I took because it's raining & super dark/cloudy this week.
I used flash & the glare is super bad especially when taking pics of things in plastic cases.
I had purchased all the items for around $8-$10 each.

Items close up:

I really wanted to purchase at least 2 of each of everything but sadly the ahjussi didn't really have much... but he said he'll order more next time 

Now it's time to PLAY!!!!!! lol. As you prolly can tell... I'm into the more dramatic lashes & makeup style 

Reviews coming soon!!!
Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time!


  1. I was eyeing up those Eyelash Laboratory lashes earlier..! Looking forward to seeing them on you. ^^

    1. LOL. I was eyeing them at the shop.
      。◕ ‿ ◕。 I'll be wearing them soon ^^

  2. So lucky that you get to buy these in shops! (゚Д゚|||) So jelly!

    1. Only sometimes... There's only one shop that will order these and he doesn't buy much... he buys only a little of each item & he doesn't order very often at all.

  3. When you said 'A lil make up haul' i wasnt expecting this haha! So much lashes you are super lucky! I really love diamond lash they are super dramatic and i love that. I'm gonna try and get a bunch soon. I have the eyemazing 501 lash and i was expecting them to be super dramatic but they really were not so they look good when you stack another lash on them though! I'm shocked they were 8-10 dollars i would of went crazy too! The lowest I seen diamond lash online was at sasa for like 12 dollars.

    1. I really like Diamond also, but then again, it's easily accessible for me as well to get them. I think they are a great deal, 5 pairs for $10-$15 but that's because I buy alot of more expensive lashes.... I'm a lash fanatic. I agree, I thought Eyemazing 501 was going to be alot more dramatic, it's not really.
      I bought them from a local shop so that's why it's cheaper, he doesn't try to jip me, since we know each other.

  4. Oh my gaaaaaaaaaash! So many lassheeeeeeeesss! <333

    1. <3 lol <3 Ikr! I feel like it's not enough tho <3

  5. I can't believe I wasn't following you this whole time! This whole post made me wanna cry because I want more Diamond lashes in my life T^T

    1. lol xD it's okay. I don't blog about anything interesting much anyways, but I love your blog btw! Awwww maybe in the future, we can do lash swaps? ^.^

    2. Thank you! & yes that sounds like fun ^ ^ We should! And I love your content, what are you talking about? lol well design and everything too. You deserve more followers imo.

    3. Thank you <3 I'm so random & boring. So I think that people don't really care to keep up w/ me xD Thank you, hun! You are too kind.


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