08 November 2012

New Hair + Nails .。.:*☆

I haven't been posting much, not even selcas of myself on facebook or random pics of the day or tweeting like I used to. Sooo busy, but I'm happy to say that things are slowing down a tad bit so I can at least type a bit here and there.

I let my hair grow about 5-6 inches past my shoulders and my layers are now super long. I decided to cut my hair into a shorter style. Something simple, easy to style, and great for when in a hurry.
Though it's winter, long hair would be good, but I prefer shoulder length hair... I've gotten tired of having long hair. 

And now, the BEFORE & AFTER haircuts pics!!!!

What do you think???

I was a bit sad after cutting it, but it felt so good to... so much lighter.
I was actually going to go shorter, but decided last minute for a A-cut bob
I was also going to dye my hair another color... but then I just did my roots instead. I might add color to it later on. What color(s) do you gals/guys think I should add?

Now onto my NAILS!!!

I used a gold shimmery nail lacquer from ICE. I think it's called gold dust or something like that.
I don't remember... the sticker/label isn't on it anymore.

It was a bit hard when I was working on my painting but at least my nails were all blingy & cute
The design/concept is super random... I just started sticking rhinestones & pearls everywhere. They aren't going to last long, since they are on my real nails. Deco lasts alot longer on acrylics & gel nails.

I received my headbands from Papercute and will be doing a review on them soon & also a makeup haul!

Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time!


  1. ooooh lookin mighty cute there!!!

    got a question, say if you do have fake nails like those and you use a double sided sticker and put it on ur nail, do you know how to take them off after without messing up the fake nail? i've seen so many cute ones online and i just don't want to glue them on my real nails. any suggestions? thanks! :D

    1. Thank you hun! <3

      I know what you mean. Gluing those type of nails can ruin your nails + it's easy to chip, break, or rip them off unlike acrylics or gels.

      I recommend loosening up the edges and outer corners of the false nails then get a cotton ball that has acetone or nail polish remover to put under the false nails to let it soak into the sticker and after about 5-7min, the sticker should loosen up. To make sure it does, use a toothpick or something small to slowing loosen the stick & false nails as you do this.

      Hope you can understand what I'm trying to say & hope it helps :)

  2. The shorter hairstyle looks really modern and fresh ^_^
    And those nails are divine! I love the random designs, and your natural nails are so nicely shaped!

    1. Thank you ^▽^
      I think my nails are weirdly shaped... they curve in & are not flat.

  3. Oh i love the new cut! It really goes well with your face structure.
    Hmm if your planning to go back to blonde sometime after winter i think staying blonde would be best now..because if you color your hair now it's going to be even more damaging going back blonde !

    1. Thank you 。◕ ‿ ◕。
      I'm blonde and I think I'll go a bit lighter but I don't think I can ever go any darker than a golden blonde. I'll add some highlight or streaks but I won't dye my whole head ^.^


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