04 November 2012

Lioele Pop Tint & Stick Eyeshadows Review \(ΘεΘ)/

Hi loves! How are you today?
I've got a review for you!
There will be a series of reviews coming up of all the korean products I purchased from a month or so ago  Pretty & Cute Korean Cosmetic Haul
Super sorry about how late this review post is! But like I said before, school + work + personal life has & still is very hectic.
A few of the products I will do a very short review since I am very unhappy with them. I feel like it's a waste of time to review products I dislike.

First off, I'll start with the Lip tints!!!
I wanted to try out Lioele Pop Tints since I've heard sooo many good reviews about them. I wear lipstick, but they always crack & look unappealing after an hour or so since my lips are so naturally dry. 
These can be used on the lips or on the cheeks as blush.

Lioele Pop Tint $13.20/each
- Cherry Tint
- Pink Tint
- Orange Tint

They are very close in color if not exactly like the color of the bottle.

Packaging: ❀❀❀❀/5
I think the packaging is really cute. The orange & pink bottles are shimmery & bright, very eye catching & girly. The red tint's bottle is translucent so you can see how much product is in the bottle.
I gave the packaging a 4/5 because the orange & pink bottles are not translucent so you can't really see how much product is left in the bottles.
After I use up all the product... I will keep the bottles ^^

Product: ❀❀❀❀/5
8g of product. Depending on how often and how much you use, that could be enough or not.
I personally think that is a good amount. It's the same size as the Benefits Lip Tints and those are like $15 so considering Lioele's lip tint is $13. I'm happy.

Red tint is very liquidy so becareful when applying because they DO NOT TASTE GOOD. Make sure they dry before you try to lick your lips! The pink & orange tint is a bit thicker. Easy to apply and travel with.

Color: ❀❀❀❀/5
I really like all three shades, just a bit disappointed in the fact that the lip colors are very sheer... especially the orange & pink. These are BEST on LIGHT/PALE lips.
Those with medium to dark lips will see very little to no difference, or make your lips even darker, and it'll be a waste of money. 

Overall: ❀❀❀❀/5
These tints are very cute, and fit in my makeup bags.
Looks great if you are doing gradient lips, solid color lips, or just adding a touch of color to the lips.

Cons: looks like nail polish so you might get alot of stares or questions.

Lioele Real Stick Eyeshadow $11.90/each
- #1 Light Pink
- #2 Indie Pink
- #3 Dark Blue
- #4 Olive Drab
- #5 Gold
- #6 White
- #7 Expresso
- #8 Black Stone


I purchased all 8 of the eyeshadows. 

Packaging: ❀❀❀❀/5
Very simple & cute. Twist to make product come out.
You can see the color of the eyeshadow on the bottom of the stick so you don't have to open each of them to find out what color it is.

Product: ❀/5
Thick & creamy, applying this product then smoothing it out w/ your fingers so it's not so clumpy/thick.
You ONLY get an inch or so of product. It's not like you are going to use alot, but for $12 + the fact that these DO NOT last... a SHAME. I'e never been unhappy w/ Lioele's products until now... I mean, even with primer they don't even last an hour... The CREASE like crazy.
I tried using primer & putting eyeshadow on top, but that doesn't make any difference at all.

Color: ❀❀❀/5
I love all the colors! Each shade is very pretty & sparkly. I just wish they would last...

Overall: ❀❀/5
UNHAPPY. It's a waste of money. I saw so many reviews talking about how they don't last & I didn't listen... I thought it would be different for me, but guess not. Well I know now...
I'm keeping these and I'll try to find other ways to use them...
I tried using them on my bottom lash line, but of course, that didn't last either...

I recommend if you want to try these... just buy one or two... so you don't end up wasting too much money. Well that's it for now.

I'm using the pink tint all over the lips w/ clear lipgloss, as you can see it makes my lips a mauve/purple color. Not a bad color. 

The rest of the products' reviews are coming soon! 

Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time!


  1. Hmm most eye shadows sticks dont work lol xD It's cream so its going to rub right off. Use them as a base and apply the same color eye shadow over top of it and it will work and last ^^

  2. I have eye shadow sticks that I bought from Japan & Korea before, they lasted on me as long as I used a primer. Sadly, I've tried using these ones as a base, but it doesn't last more than 1 hour. ^^ Thanks for the suggestion & stopping by :D


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